Face Mask Fashion From Around The World


Nigerian face mask fashion

Armored up and blinged out true Nollywood style! 

As health officials and government leaders around the globe have been taking precautionary  measures to  ‘flatten the curve’, fashionistas world-wide have started to fall in line in their own creative way.

What started out as a safety measure, in a seemingly short time, became yet another way to express ones self while aiding in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.  And although mostly a trending safety protocol for now, we have a feeling it’s an accessory that’s here to stay awhile.  As such, we thought it would be fun to virtually travel around the world for a little inspiration capturing. After all, if it’s going to become part of our daily ensemble, we might as well make it the creative tool of individual expression and fashion it can certainly be.

Ruth Carter’s Wakanda Wonderland

When I went to see Marvel’s Black Panther  movie, I went with a mission…. to see and be inspired by Ruth Carter’s creative manifestation of  Marvel Studio’s  artistic concepts in all its masterful glory.  I was not disappointed. From the alluring grandiosity of Zulu-inspired headpieces worn by Wakanda’s queen mother Ramonda (Angela Bassett) and the eye-poppingly ornate armor adorned with chevron print worn by the all-female based warriors, to Nakia’s (Lupita Nyongo) sumptuously textured, kente cloth-inspired green gown that seemed to mold to her form, the creative collaboration of both visionaries left theater goers in awe and aspiring designers wanting more from Ruth.

Fun Ways to Use Denim Fabric

The following are some fun ways to use denim fabric. Find your favorite denim fabric in our online store and get inspired to create your own version. Who knew there were so many uses for denim? Don’t forget to share your finished projects and tips with us on Facebook!

Denim fabric

This sweet bedset from Sweet Peaches Bedding shows the versatility of denim for bedrooms!

Fun ideas for crafting with denim fabric

The Cutest No-Sew Scarf Tutorial

This attractive no sew scarf can be crafted from a tee shirt or your favorite soft fabric. I just love the ruffled texture and simplicity of this fashion fabric project and how easily it can jazz up any ensemble! The best part? It can be made in about a half hour without touching a needle. Click over to our fabric store and find what you are looking for to get started! (Or stop in, if you are in the area!)

Scarf-no sew t-shirt

You will need:
• About 30 minutes
• Scissors
• Imagination
• Fabric of your choice or unwanted shirt
• 9” paper plate
• Fabric flower or other embellishment (optional)

Get Your Hands on this Fabric Clutch Craft

Handmade accessories are a wonderful way to revive your wardrobe or just accomplish a seasonal switch-up. We love this fabric clutch tutorial from Martha Stewart; just find your fabric at J&O Fabrics to get started on your own version! The simple clutch is flirty, feminine and adds a simple touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Fabric clutch tutorial

This simple fabric clutch provides a burst of color and will lead to a stream of compliments! (Admit it—we all like those).

Throw A Curve Ball: Reversible Wrap Around Skirt

Skirts are fun and flirty, a staple for any woman’s wardrobe. The wrap around skirt by craft master and supermom Andrea DeHart is flattering for any figure, and this reversible pattern adds interest and versatility! Now you are not pinned down to just one fabric—begin by choosing fabrics from our online store and remember: the fabric on the inner side will occasionally play peek-a-boo, so make sure they compliment each other!

(Photos and tutorial by Andrea DeHart) Wrap around skirts not only flatter every figure, but one size fits all (in most instances).  

Crafty Couture: Pattern for Unisex Kids Shorts

For those crafters out there who delight in creating children’s couture–here is a free pattern for shorts I stumbled upon recently while checking out Tara Miller’s stuff on fabric.com blog! Shop J&O Fabrics and find dozens of cute designs to create your own shorts. Use your intuitive inner design guru to fashion fabric combinations for these cutie pie pants! You may begin by browsing our fabric selection online for inspiration, many of which are on sale!

(All photos by Tara Miller of Fabric.com, one gifted Mom! ) This pattern is called ‘Aiden Appliqued Shorts’

Suave Suede No-Sew Skirt

I often jab that I am ‘No Martha Stewart’…but this simple no-sew suede skirt tutorial from her website is doable! According to her website, if you can sew a button, you can make this suede skirt. Want to find out? Simply order suede fabric here and get started!

For the neat scalloped edging, they traced an oatmeal canister! Fabulous!

You will need:

• Suede fabric or sturdy fabric such as denim
• 1 ¾ yards total (for a skirt larger than a 7-8, you will need 2 yards of fabric)
• Fabric marker
• 32-ounce oatmeal container for scalloped edges
• Needle
• Thread
• Button

Kids DIY Fabric Necklaces, Bracelets and Accessory Ideas for School

School is back in, and that means new fall fashions are fast approaching! Prepare your little one’s arsenal with these fun and fast silk and ribbon necklaces. Not only are these versatile and attractive, but making them can bring the family together, something that can be rare with a busy school and sports schedule! Get your fabric here and get started!

The best part: your child does not have to know how to sew!

The first step is to select a few fabrics and ribbons that compliment your child’s wardrobe. Moms: Don’t be afraid to make a few for yourself!

Creative Kids: Shower Curtain Fabric Bracelets!

I hope the title of this blog confused you enough to read further! Yes, I am going to show you how to make a cute kid’s bracelet using fabric and shower curtain rings! Begin by browsing our online fabric store for the perfect prints and get ready to have some family crafting fun!

shower curtain fabric bracelets

You will need:
• A variety of fabrics, the more the better so that you may mix and match the bracelets
• As many packages of plastic shower rings as needed to accommodate the number of children (Plan for at least 3 bracelets per child to really get the creativity flowing!)
• Decorative ribbons. To be safe, make sure you have all the primary colors on hand.
• Fray check
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun or fabric adhesive