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Celebrating African Fabric Textile Contributions !



As Americans celebrate the inventions and legacies of Africans / African-Americans throughout history this month, reflections of their art, history and cultural traditions can be found in almost every aspect of our society. In recognition of their traditional African fabric textile contributions,  the J&O Family would like to take a moment to highlight some of the beautiful waxed prints and metallics available for your crafting and quilting pleasure.

Her Name Is Indigo.



When we think about African fabric design, rarely do we as consumers give much thought as to the history, craft, and meaning behind the symbols, patterns, or design elements we see. Instead we ‘ooh‘ and ‘aah‘ at the bright colors and creative print, thinking about what we can make with this, what we can do with that . But until we have the opportunity to see its manifestation from concept to completion, we will never really appreciate the finished textile  that seems to silently whisper…i am special, buy me!


Category Of The Month: African Fabric

Widely appreciated for their craftsmanship and vibrant colors, the textile and designs of African fabric often create the kind of appeal that inspires breathtaking traditional garments,  eclectic home  decor, memorable celebratory events  and more. From waxed metallic cottons most popular in Nigeria and other West African countries, to traditional Kente from Ghana and Bogolanfini mud cloth from Mali, the creative uses offer a multitude of options to satisfying an array of project needs not only for special occasions, but everyday use as well.

Fun Ways to Use Denim Fabric

The following are some fun ways to use denim fabric. Find your favorite denim fabric in our online store and get inspired to create your own version. Who knew there were so many uses for denim? Don’t forget to share your finished projects and tips with us on Facebook!

Denim fabric

This sweet bedset from Sweet Peaches Bedding shows the versatility of denim for bedrooms!

Fun ideas for crafting with denim fabric

Top 3 New Arrival Fabrics from J&O

This just in: There are 3 new arrival fabrics from J&O and all are affordable and chic! These 3 fabrics feature black as the prominent color and each has something special to offer any room or décor vibe.

The following selections of fabrics are new and available in our online store for a discounted price:

new arrival fabrics

Black Stripe Lace Fabric (Product ID: lac36295)

This quality fabric offers the traditional elegance of lace with a decidedly dark side. It has a rich floral design over polyester material to show the intricate detailing. This is how you get all the luxury of designer fabrics at a discounted price! Ideal uses for this type of lace fabric include table dressings, elegant garments, evening gowns, cabinetry and small touch items like lampshades.

Fabric Covered Chair Tutorial and Fabrics!

Furniture does not have to be permanently mundane! Because it is such a substantial investment, many people hold on to furniture items for many years, even though they may become bored with them. The solution is simple: Fabric! Grab some fresh fabrics from our online store and get started covering chairs using the tutorial below!

Fabric Covered Chair

Boring old chairs sitting around? Cover them with fabric and fall in love with them all over again!

You will need:

  • Choose a fabric that fits the room. It can be matchy or contrast for an edgy appeal. Don’t be afraid to play with splashes of color!

The Cutest No-Sew Scarf Tutorial

This attractive no sew scarf can be crafted from a tee shirt or your favorite soft fabric. I just love the ruffled texture and simplicity of this fashion fabric project and how easily it can jazz up any ensemble! The best part? It can be made in about a half hour without touching a needle. Click over to our fabric store and find what you are looking for to get started! (Or stop in, if you are in the area!)

Scarf-no sew t-shirt

You will need:
• About 30 minutes
• Scissors
• Imagination
• Fabric of your choice or unwanted shirt
• 9” paper plate
• Fabric flower or other embellishment (optional)

NFL Fabric For Your Little (and Big!) Sports Fans

Looking for a way to personalize the space of your little sports fan? Check out our selection of NFL fabrics featuring all the top teams! Available in cotton, flannel, NFL polar fleece or vinyl, there is no project out of reach with these cool NFL team prints!

Get Your Hands on this Fabric Clutch Craft

Handmade accessories are a wonderful way to revive your wardrobe or just accomplish a seasonal switch-up. We love this fabric clutch tutorial from Martha Stewart; just find your fabric at J&O Fabrics to get started on your own version! The simple clutch is flirty, feminine and adds a simple touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Fabric clutch tutorial

This simple fabric clutch provides a burst of color and will lead to a stream of compliments! (Admit it—we all like those).

Throw A Curve Ball: Reversible Wrap Around Skirt

Skirts are fun and flirty, a staple for any woman’s wardrobe. The wrap around skirt by craft master and supermom Andrea DeHart is flattering for any figure, and this reversible pattern adds interest and versatility! Now you are not pinned down to just one fabric—begin by choosing fabrics from our online store and remember: the fabric on the inner side will occasionally play peek-a-boo, so make sure they compliment each other!

(Photos and tutorial by Andrea DeHart) Wrap around skirts not only flatter every figure, but one size fits all (in most instances).