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NFL Fabric Of The Day: The Indianapolis Colts


Take a look at our NFL Colts fabrics and start picking out your favorites so you can represent your team’s colors in your home all the time!


Not to brag, but our selection of Colt’s fleece fabric is just about everything you could ask for. We have colors and patterns for everything you might want to use this fuzzy material for from a throw pillow to a dog bed cover.





Picnic Prints!

Now that the weather is warm it is time to fire up the grill and pack up the picnic basket. Eating outdoors at a park or by a lake this time of year is so refreshing. You just can’t beat the beautiful weather, not to mention having a place for the kids to run off all their energy. It’s not hard to see why picnics are such an iconic summer activity.

After years of use, spills and stains it’s probably about time to update your linens and blankets. We carry a great selection of prints that are perfect for your next picnic, including some classy outdoor fabric!

Top 5 Crafts for Guys

J&O Top Five Crafts For Men

When most guys think of arts and crafts they either think of something that they did in summer camp twenty years ago or as something their wife or girlfriend does while waiting for their husbands to come home from fighting bears and catching fish with their bare hands. However, when it comes down to it, a craft is anything you make whether it be decorative, utilitarian, or something between the two; the idea that crafting is just a female activity is totally false. There are a myriad of crafts that guy can and should make. Here’s a few to get you started.

NFL Fabric Of The Day: The Chicago Bears


This season we are looking at a brand new Chicago Bears with a brand new attitude. Our team is bolder and better than last year so in celebration of the Bears stepping up their game, we at J&O thought we would step up ours as well and feature them as the NFL fabric of the day! We hope you love all of our favorite fabric pics for our grizzly team.


J&O Fabrics: 3rd Annual Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest


If there is one thing that being in the fabric industry for over 45 years has shown us, it’s that despite the change of seasons and passing of generations, Halloween is one of those celebrated holidays that continues to beckon the creative imagination and stirring a parade of popular tv and movie characters, ghoulish monsters, funny faces and exotic personalities hidden behind extravagant costumes to take to the streets each time Oct 31st comes around. With this little known fact in mind, we at J&O fabric store vow to continue to play our part in conjuring the creativity of our customers with  not only awesome fabric, but the opportunity to get it for free just in time for the festive parties! From scary looking Halloween themed novelty prints and fancy dress fabrics, to versatile felts and funky retro’s, bringing the bizarre into existence is just a click away! And what better way to showcase them than thru our 3rd Annual Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest!

J&O Coolest NFL Craft Contest Underway!


Almost two weeks ago we posted our Coolest NFL Craft Contest Blog and as soon as our football fabric fans got word, they were off and running in the race to the win. With free money, free fabric and the chance at having their one-of-a-kind NFL themed handcrafts showcased for over 8,000 J&O facebook fans worldwide to see on the line, crafters are pulling out all the stops and the entries just keep pouring in. Even our voters are feeling the excitement and anticipation as the ‘likes’ mount up.

J&O Kicks Off Coolest NFL Themed Craft Contest !



Since the J&O Fabrics family are not just fans of fabric, but fans of football too, we pride ourselves on carrying one of the largest and newest selection of teams in cotton, flannel, fleece and vinyl online. From the NY Giants to the San Francisco 49ers and almost every NCAA college team inbetween, J&O is the one stop spot for all your football fan fabric needs. With this in mind, what better way to once again show our love for the sport and our fans that support, than by running our annual Coolest NFL Craft Contest…early!

The Great Outdoors – A Fabric Guide


It’s summer, time to shed our jackets and boots in favor of skin baring tops and open toes and enjoy the outdoors.  While we’re out there, we’ll probably want to sit at some point.  That brings us to outdoor furniture… and outdoor living in general.

Making It Your Own Part 2 – Embellishing On the Facts

Love is in the details, and this is never more true than when it comes to fashion.  It can be something as small as buttons that will have you saying “Ooooooh, that’s so cuuuuute!!!”  If you take the time to sew your own garments, you clearly want to make a statement.  Otherwise, you can just pull something off the rack at your local Big Box store and save yourself a lot of trouble… right?

You don’t need expert sewing skills or costly rhinestone trim.  There are all kinds of easy-to-make embellishment that will deliver the “Wow!” factor.

How to Make A Classic Two-Sided Picnic Blanket

Memorial Day’s just around the corner. The weather’s warming up, and we can’t wait to start spending more time outdoors. What more incentive do you need to make a double-sided vinyl fabric picnic blanket?

A two-sided blanket is so versatile you can use it for camping trips, tailgate parties, fairground gatherings, waterside picnics and beach blanket Bingo!

Picnic Blankets to Match Every Mood

A double-sided blanket is great for kids and adults. Spills won’t matter when one side is vinyl fabric.  Plus, outdoor fabrics are made to withstand the rigors of outdoor life so you don’t have to worry about spring showers or wet grass.