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All Ears: Adorable Fabric Mouse Pincushion

This itty-bitty mouse is just too irresistible to avoid! I am picturing it using a variety of different fabrics, which you can find here at our online fabric store! This could be used as a pincushion or similar sewing stow, and it is a far-from cheesy gift idea!

fabric mouse pincushion

Say cheese! Adorable fabric mouse craft with oversized ears

You will need:
• A few (at least two!) fabrics from J&O Fabrics (of course!)
Felt fabric for the ears, tail and nose (also in stock)
Fabric Scissors/Shears
• Sewing skills
• Cotton stuffing (or your preferred material)
Pro-tip: Stuff with scented material!

Suave Suede No-Sew Skirt

I often jab that I am ‘No Martha Stewart’…but this simple no-sew suede skirt tutorial from her website is doable! According to her website, if you can sew a button, you can make this suede skirt. Want to find out? Simply order suede fabric here and get started!

For the neat scalloped edging, they traced an oatmeal canister! Fabulous!

You will need:

• Suede fabric or sturdy fabric such as denim
• 1 ¾ yards total (for a skirt larger than a 7-8, you will need 2 yards of fabric)
• Fabric marker
• 32-ounce oatmeal container for scalloped edges
• Needle
• Thread
• Button




After spending upwards of two hundred dollars on a shiny new Iphone 4S, the last thing that you want is for it to get scratched or cracked. As careful as you may be with your electronics, accidents happen. That is why we compiled a list of our top five favorite Iphone 4S cases that use fabric to act as a soft but durable buffer between your new phone and the ground.


#1: Iphone 4/ 4S Horizontal Hipster