Say ‘I Love You’ With Fabric

The renowned poet and legendary author Khalil Gibran once quoted…
Love of fabric

Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit”. 

At J&O we believe…

Life without J&O is like a piece of cotton without print and design”.

Both quotes, most would say, hold valid truths.
Love is truly the fabric of life.

During the month of February, as our nation celebrates the highly commercialized day of love also known as St. Valentine’s Day, we at J&O Fabrics will be sharing the many ways we can express love to our family, friends and loved ones through the use of fabric .

Fabric Cures for the Winter Blues

Summer time fabric J&O

Winter is finally beginning to descend upon us in the Philadelphia area and as a result I am missing summer more than ever. I keep daydreaming about hanging out on the beach, getting a tan, laying in a hammock relaxing and listening to the waves crash around me. Unfortunately, as someone paying off their college loans I can’t exactly pull together the extra cash to hop on the next jet and head to somewhere warm. In an attempt to bring the beach to me, I plan on using fun tropical novelty fabric to create a beach-y environment.