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A Fleece For All Seasons

With the infamous sighting of the groundhogs shadow predicting another six weeks of winter still left to go, the desire for all things warm and cozy is still in demand. Luckily for those on the hunt, there is a wide array of wonderful fleece material in popular NFL teams, novelty prints, notable characters and solids still stocking the shelves of local fabric stores to wet your whistle and please your creative sewing palate. From apparel and accessories to no-sew-fleece-throws, pillows, and crafty makings, fleece offers a lightweight warmth combined with the kind of ease-of-care that those who seek during the wintry months enjoy year after year.

J&O’s 10 Top Most Popular NFL Fabrics!



With an exciting 2014 NFL football season already well underway (Go Eagles!!) quilters, crafters and die hard fans are buying up NFL fabric stock to make everything from quick-n-easy no-sew-fleece-throws to customized gifts rep’n the teams they (and others) love with visions of Superbowl 2015 wins dancing in their heads or if nothing less, some great games and stories along the way.

So what does all this mean for manufacturers and distributors like J&O Fabrics alike?

Demand! Demand! Demand! :O

Super Bowl XLVIII DIY NFL Fleece Tutorial

With NFL Super  Bowl Sunday XLVIII less than a month away,  Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos and 49er fans far and wide are upping the ante and showing what true fans are made of…one craft at a time. For fabric suppliers like J&O Fabrics, these next few weeks leading to the final countdown are as grueling as they are exciting. From making sure our chain of supply and demand is met by our various manufacturers, to personally assisting our valued customers with their unique project needs,  Super Bowl season and all that comes with it can be crazy at time, but it makes it all worth while when our beloved teams win.

Give NFL Fabric this Holiday Season!

The holidays are pretty much here, so it is time to get your gift ideas in gear! Quality NFL fabric is a great idea for the sports fans on your list, and can be crafted into a wide variety of gifts, including tee shirts, pillows, blankets and so much more. Give the gift every sports fan wants this year with our vast selection of prints from all teams!

NFL fabric

Give NFL fabric this year! You can make a gift using it, or gift a few yards to a friend. This is a simple idea many will love!

NFL fleece pillow

15% Discount on NFL Fabric Fleece, Flannel And Snuggies

J&O 15% Off All NFL Fabric

Make the sports fan in your life’s holiday a little brighter with a gift that incorporates our NFL Fabric. From now until December 7th J&O is running a special on all of our NFL fleece, flannel, and Snuggies. Now is your chance to shop and get 15% off your favorite team’s fabric! Check out some of your choices below.


Last Day to Enter J&O Coolest NFL Craft Contest!

They say that all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that holds true for our Coolest NFL Craft Contest as well. But don’t fret! The good part is, there’s still one week left to accumulate your ‘likes’ and put yourself in the winnings for one of our J&O Fabric gift certificates carrying up to $50 worth of FREE CASH for your next fabric shopping trip on us. That’s right, the last day to post your entrees in the contest is TODAY (October 23rd)! Voting continues until Monday October 31st at 11:59pm est. Winners will be announced November 3rd. So, sew your last seam, patch your last quilt square, glue your last logo…and post it up for all to see!

J&O Coolest NFL Craft Contest Underway!


Almost two weeks ago we posted our Coolest NFL Craft Contest Blog and as soon as our football fabric fans got word, they were off and running in the race to the win. With free money, free fabric and the chance at having their one-of-a-kind NFL themed handcrafts showcased for over 8,000 J&O facebook fans worldwide to see on the line, crafters are pulling out all the stops and the entries just keep pouring in. Even our voters are feeling the excitement and anticipation as the ‘likes’ mount up.

NFL Fabric Of The Day: The Philadelphia Eagles


The Philadelphia Eagles LogoE-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!! It is almost the most wonderful time of the year: football season. Now that we know for sure that there will be a 2011 pro-football league this year, it is time to celebrate by showing support for your favorite NFL team.

Philly knows how do two things really well: make a mean cheese steak, and cheer on their city. Real Philly fans don’t just say that they love a team, they revolve their whole lives it. Eagles fans are a classic example of that dedication. That is why we at J&O Fabric Store make sure that we have all of the NFL fabric you need to make sweaters, table cloths, blankets, dog beds, and anything else that the creative fan thinks up.

Top 8 Michael Vick Inspired Craft Projects from J&O Fabrics

2008- Atlanta Falcons quarter back Michael Vicks found guilty on charges of operating dog fights in his home.
NFL suspension.
18 mos federal prison and a return to the league by fall 09′ season. This time with the Philadelphia Eagles.
While the punishment mentioned above may or may not fit the crime in the eyes of many viewers, one thing is for sure, Philadelphia Eagles fans have not let the controversy stop them from ordering their share of Eagles fleece and cotton fabric just in time for the NFL season. The question is, what are creative fans making with the fabric now that Vick has been drafted to our beloved Philadelphia team?
If you are stumped for ideas, or just plain tired of making the same old NFL crafts year after year for yourself, friends or loved ones, here is J&O Fabrics Top 8 list of Michael Vick inspired fabric projects to welcome him back into society and onto the playing fields; this time hopefully with a little more insight and a little less above it all.
Top 8 Michael Vick Inspired Craft Projects
1. Eagles fleece blanket. With the Eagles on one side and dog bones on the other.