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A Fleece For All Seasons

With the infamous sighting of the groundhogs shadow predicting another six weeks of winter still left to go, the desire for all things warm and cozy is still in demand. Luckily for those on the hunt, there is a wide array of wonderful fleece material in popular NFL teams, novelty prints, notable characters and solids still stocking the shelves of local fabric stores to wet your whistle and please your creative sewing palate. From apparel and accessories to no-sew-fleece-throws, pillows, and crafty makings, fleece offers a lightweight warmth combined with the kind of ease-of-care that those who seek during the wintry months enjoy year after year.

J&O’s 10 Top Most Popular NFL Fabrics!



With an exciting 2014 NFL football season already well underway (Go Eagles!!) quilters, crafters and die hard fans are buying up NFL fabric stock to make everything from quick-n-easy no-sew-fleece-throws to customized gifts rep’n the teams they (and others) love with visions of Superbowl 2015 wins dancing in their heads or if nothing less, some great games and stories along the way.

So what does all this mean for manufacturers and distributors like J&O Fabrics alike?

Demand! Demand! Demand! :O

Super Bowl XLVIII DIY NFL Fleece Tutorial

With NFL Super  Bowl Sunday XLVIII less than a month away,  Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos and 49er fans far and wide are upping the ante and showing what true fans are made of…one craft at a time. For fabric suppliers like J&O Fabrics, these next few weeks leading to the final countdown are as grueling as they are exciting. From making sure our chain of supply and demand is met by our various manufacturers, to personally assisting our valued customers with their unique project needs,  Super Bowl season and all that comes with it can be crazy at time, but it makes it all worth while when our beloved teams win.

What to do With Those Shoe Boxes!

Why not craft fabric storage boxes using shoe boxes rather than just tossing them out? This is a great way to decorate empty shelving and use up fabric scraps. You can use one fabric on the exterior with a coordinating fabric for the inside of the box. This could also be covered with fabric scraps to form a collage style box. Cover a box with our official NFL fabric for your sports fan!

fabric storage boxes

Cover shoe boxes with fabric to create easy, attractive and affordable home storage!

You will need:

  • Decorative fabrics
  • Grommets

Fleece Long Mittens: Materials and Directions!

While spring is just around the corner, there are still some cold days remaining! Keep your little ones warm and the snow out of their digits when it is in the lower digits with these fleece long mittens! Kiddos do not enjoy playing in the snow when it ends up inside of their gloves–this is the ideal solution! Browse our selection of cozy fleece fabrics, including NFL fleece fabric, and get started today!

Fleece long mittens

Long fleece mittens! Photos by A Lemon Squeezy Home. Find your fabrics in our online store!

NFL fleece fabric

Fetching Patchwork Fabric Camera Strap

Previously, we shared a tutorial for a cozy fabric camera strap. This is a patchwork fabric version, which is a bit more involved, but worth the work for the finished product! Pro-tip: Use our NFL fabric to craft a strap for your sports fan! They will be happy to show it off while snapping photos at the next game!

Patchwork fabric camera strap

What to do:

  • Once you have chosen your fabric prints, cut them into 3.75 wide. The lengths can be cut however you like them to appear. Start with a piece that is 6” long, as it will attach to the lens pocket.

Cute Fabric Wallet and Card Storage

Here is another fun idea for storing credit cards, business cards and gift cards! This can also serve as a cute fabric girly wallet. Find your decorative fabric prints here and follow the instructions below to create your version of this sweet craft!

Fabric wallet

Use our NFL fabric for your sports fans!

You will need:

  • Two pieces of fabric, feel free to mix and match! 6” x 4.5”
  • Another piece of fabric 6” x 4” for the inner pocket
  • One piece of interfacing 6” x 4.5”
  • A cute button or snap
  • Coordinating thread

NFL Fabric Of The Day: The Indianapolis Colts


Take a look at our NFL Colts fabrics and start picking out your favorites so you can represent your team’s colors in your home all the time!


Not to brag, but our selection of Colt’s fleece fabric is just about everything you could ask for. We have colors and patterns for everything you might want to use this fuzzy material for from a throw pillow to a dog bed cover.





Magnet Fabric Bookmark

Attention bookworms! This magnet fabric bookmark is a cute way to keep your place and also a good excuse to pick up some new fabrics this year! Pro-tip: These are thoughtful gift bag ideas for parties and would look cool using our NFL fabrics!

fabric magnetic bookmark

Neatly keep your place with this cool magnetic bookmark idea from The Southern Institute!. The perfect decorative fabric awaits you in our online fabric store! 

You will need:

  • Decorative fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sew-in magnets
  • Scissors

fabric magnetic bookmark

What to do:

  • Decide which fabric is front and which is back

Fabric U.S. Map Craft

Refresh your fabric selection and your geography knowledge simultaneously with this adorable fabric U.S. map! This is a great group project and gift idea. The first step is to select 50 fabrics. Pro-tip: Choose a fabric that gives a nod to each state! Examples: Peach fabric for Georgia, fleece fabric for the Dakotas, NFL team fabrics and more! This is a versatile project that you can really get creative with!

Fabric U.S. Map

The base is muslin over plywood, for that classroom look and feel. You are free to substitute any fabric for the bottom layer. (Photos by See Kate Sew)