Save A Life, Adopt-A-Fabric Today!

With her cotton/polyester blend of fibers and water-repellent finish, Aruba Getaway II Stripes Outdoor is a versatile and colorful fabric that loves the great outdoors, being the center of attention, and showing off her many talents. Looking to add some spice to your life?

The perfect parent for this vibrant fabric has creative vision and plenty of patio cushions to cover. When you adopt-a-fabric like Aruba Getaway II Stripes Outdoor,  it’s a win-win situation for both, for a little bit of love and a home of her own is all this happy fabric needs.

5 Affordably Cool Gifts For Your #1 Seamstress

affordable gift for seamstress

A self-threading serger that finishes in less than a minute…

A sewing machine with self-correcting tension…

A completed garment of your imagination at the press of a button that fits us magnificently….

Until such gift wishes big or small become a reality, a seamstress can always dream. As for those that cherish the magic her hands manifest, why not show your appreciation this holiday season with affordably cool rescue remedies that will make her jump for joy or if nothing less, make her labors of love less arduous.

Top 5 Flannel Fabric Crafts

So you purchased your funky novelty flannel material just in time for Old Man Winter’s chilly winds, but now you’re hitting a creative block that’s leaving you stumbling on just what to make with it. Enter J&O Fabrics Top 5 Flannel Fabric craft ideas to the rescue! Inspired by both the novice and the seasoned, the possibilities of what this soft and warm fabric can bring seem endless. So grab your notions, sharpen your scissors, and add your own unique spin on these cool crafts.


plaid flannel laptop case






Zig Zag Fabric Bracelet Craft

This is yet another take on a fashionable fabric bracelet, this time in an appealing zigzag overlay! It was created by “Stepping Thr Crazy” and can be re-created easily with any of our fabrics here at J&O! The shape is interesting and a modern print fabric paired with a plain fabric can add a bit of flair to any ensemble! Ready to get started? Select your fabrics in our online fabric store and experience our freaky fast delivery…(sorry, Jimmy Johns).

Fabric bracelet craft

Getting ziggy with it! (All photos by “Stepping Thru Crazy”, a talented crafter!)

Shockingly Easy Accessories: Fabric Braid Bracelets

There are a billion methods to making bracelets, times infinity! Ok, perhaps not a billion ways to make jewelry, but that is certainly the way it seems anyway! For example, here is another fun fabric bracelet that can be created in under ten minutes. Begin by browsing our online fabric store to stock up on a variety of styles for this project!

fabric braid bracelets

Use any color under the sun! A variety of fabrics will offer versatility, texture and more fun.

Top 10 Fabrics for Fabulous Pillow Covers

Throw pillows. Everyone loves them and loathes the overstuffed pricing often attached! There is no need to latch onto those pillows long after you have tired of the pattern just because they were “so expensive”—but do not throw them out! Just create pillow covers and change them as often as your mood desires using our arsenal of fabrics. Find your favorite fabrics online and get inspired to transform the look and feel of your furniture.

Here are 10 of our favorite pillow fabrics… in no particular order:

Tokyo Kanji Decorative Canvas Fabric

10. Tokyo Kanji fabric

Majella Paisley Decorative Fabric: Marzipan

9. Majella Paisley

DIY Baby Bibs

Everyone loves baby accessories—especially hand-crafted cuties like these bibs and burps! Yes, I said burps…caring for newborns is not for the squeamish–but these adorable bibs will make feeding time a fashionable feast for the eyes!

Download a free bib pattern from chickpea Sewing Studio and find your favorite fabric here!

Cute baby bibs are a hit at every meal!

Use the bib pattern above to create your own unique version. You may embellish with buttons, animals and a variety of other items, as this is a very versatile and personalized project. This is a fantastic  and thoughtful gift idea for expectant mothers, who will appreciate having beautiful items around when they are enduring the exhausting first months of motherhood!

Fabric Headwrap Ideas & Inspirations

It can be a disappointment looking for cute hair accessories and headbands in department stores, it seems I am never able to locate what I visualize in my mind! Creating your own unique fabric headwraps is enjoyable and rewarding, and you can be certain that no one else will have the same one!

Begin by deciding on a few bold prints or novelty fabrics here.

To achieve this look, cut out desired shapes and join them using a sewing machine or stitch. Add a matchy ribbon at the end of each tip for easy tying.

Cozy Flannel Projects


This is the perfect time of year to start some flannel projects. Wrap yourself in the warmest and softest flannels! Here at J&O we carry over 50 different cotton flannel novelty prints and 10 different colors!  Our out of this world flannel selection is sure to spark your creativity. The ideas below are a springboard to get your creative juices flowing! Also, don’t forget we’re offering Free Shipping on orders over $75.00!* Just enter the coupon code: FreeShip1

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