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DIY Cornhole Toss Tutorial

jandofabricsPlayed mostly at football games and as a form of competitive recreation, Cornhole, also known as corn toss, bean toss, or bag toss, is a lawn game where players take turns throwing bags of corn (or beans) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. The objective is to get the bag in the hole until the individual or team reaches 21 points. The first one to get there wins.

NFL Fabric Of The Day: The Indianapolis Colts


Take a look at our NFL Colts fabrics and start picking out your favorites so you can represent your team’s colors in your home all the time!


Not to brag, but our selection of Colt’s fleece fabric is just about everything you could ask for. We have colors and patterns for everything you might want to use this fuzzy material for from a throw pillow to a dog bed cover.





NFL Fabric Of The Day: The Chicago Bears


This season we are looking at a brand new Chicago Bears with a brand new attitude. Our team is bolder and better than last year so in celebration of the Bears stepping up their game, we at J&O thought we would step up ours as well and feature them as the NFL fabric of the day! We hope you love all of our favorite fabric pics for our grizzly team.


NFL Fabric Of The Day: Green Bay Packers


Mike McCarthy didn’t push his team to their current standing without an unbelievable amount of motivation. However, there is only so much the man can do without the help of thousands of screaming fans wearing as much green and gold as they can muster. So dawn your cotton and fleece and start cheering, Packers fans!


There is nothing as classic as sitting and watching a Packer’s game eating¬†brats and drinking good beer. The only thing that can make that scene better is if you are warm while you are munching away. Snuggle up under some Green Bay Packers fleece and enjoy the good stuff like a great game, good friends, and fantastic brew.¬†