Say ‘I Love You’ With Fabric

The renowned poet and legendary author Khalil Gibran once quoted…
Love of fabric

Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit”. 

At J&O we believe…

Life without J&O is like a piece of cotton without print and design”.

Both quotes, most would say, hold valid truths.
Love is truly the fabric of life.

During the month of February, as our nation celebrates the highly commercialized day of love also known as St. Valentine’s Day, we at J&O Fabrics will be sharing the many ways we can express love to our family, friends and loved ones through the use of fabric .

Save A Life, Adopt-A-Fabric Today!

With her cotton/polyester blend of fibers and water-repellent finish, Aruba Getaway II Stripes Outdoor is a versatile and colorful fabric that loves the great outdoors, being the center of attention, and showing off her many talents. Looking to add some spice to your life?

The perfect parent for this vibrant fabric has creative vision and plenty of patio cushions to cover. When you adopt-a-fabric like Aruba Getaway II Stripes Outdoor,  it’s a win-win situation for both, for a little bit of love and a home of her own is all this happy fabric needs.

The Creative Makings Of A Man Cave

Al Bundy had one in his garage where ‘No Ma’am’ meetings were held on the sitcom Married With Children. Doug Heffernan had one in his garage equipped with a big screen TV, beer fridge, and a couch where Doug and his friends watched football, baseball, boxing, and drank beer in peace away from his wife and father-in-law on the TV show The King of Queens.  The ‘Man Cave’...a metaphor used to describe a male retreat space or sanctuary usually in the basement or attic of a house or in a specially equipped garage where women are banned and the fella’s call ‘home’. A space designated for guys to do as they please without fear of upsetting any female sensibilities of home decor. ‘The last bastion of masculinity,’ as described by Tufts University’s Paula Aymer where “No one is going to make you watch your p’s and q’s, ” according to writer Sam Martin.  Whether all the above or just a room where a man can simply go and unwind from the day in his own undisturbed way, indulge in hobbies, play video games or watch tv with the ‘boys’, the ever cherished man cave varies in design and purpose revealing the most valued parts of each man and more. In Ode to man’s little piece of heaven here on Earth, the staff  at J&O fabrics are sharing a few ‘man cave’ ideas and tips to help recreate them for yourself.

DIY Cornhole Toss Tutorial

jandofabricsPlayed mostly at football games and as a form of competitive recreation, Cornhole, also known as corn toss, bean toss, or bag toss, is a lawn game where players take turns throwing bags of corn (or beans) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. The objective is to get the bag in the hole until the individual or team reaches 21 points. The first one to get there wins.

Ask Netfah: Cornhole Toss Fabrics


Dear Netfah,

With the Super Bowl right around the corner and my team in the running, I was interested in making those cornhole toss games for our party. I have the boards and the beans, now I just need the bags. What fabrics would you recommend ? I heard duck cloth was good.

– Bagless in Seattle



Dear Bagless in Seattle,

Fun Ways to Use Denim Fabric

The following are some fun ways to use denim fabric. Find your favorite denim fabric in our online store and get inspired to create your own version. Who knew there were so many uses for denim? Don’t forget to share your finished projects and tips with us on Facebook!

Denim fabric

This sweet bedset from Sweet Peaches Bedding shows the versatility of denim for bedrooms!

Fun ideas for crafting with denim fabric

Crafty Couture: Pattern for Unisex Kids Shorts

For those crafters out there who delight in creating children’s couture–here is a free pattern for shorts I stumbled upon recently while checking out Tara Miller’s stuff on blog! Shop J&O Fabrics and find dozens of cute designs to create your own shorts. Use your intuitive inner design guru to fashion fabric combinations for these cutie pie pants! You may begin by browsing our fabric selection online for inspiration, many of which are on sale!

(All photos by Tara Miller of, one gifted Mom! ) This pattern is called ‘Aiden Appliqued Shorts’

Shockingly Easy Accessories: Fabric Braid Bracelets

There are a billion methods to making bracelets, times infinity! Ok, perhaps not a billion ways to make jewelry, but that is certainly the way it seems anyway! For example, here is another fun fabric bracelet that can be created in under ten minutes. Begin by browsing our online fabric store to stock up on a variety of styles for this project!

fabric braid bracelets

Use any color under the sun! A variety of fabrics will offer versatility, texture and more fun.

DIY Fabric Paint

Fabric crafts are quite possibly the most versatile! Just when you think you have thought of everything, something new will inspire you, like this fabric paint craft idea! The concept is simple: Take inventory of your living areas (including outdoor areas!) and decide if some acrylic paint could jazz up the look and feel of any fabric pieces…or if you just want an excuse to order new fabric and get your hands dirty!

Fabric paint crafts

Painting on fabric with shapes or words is a fun way to personalize your projects

DIY Baby Bibs

Everyone loves baby accessories—especially hand-crafted cuties like these bibs and burps! Yes, I said burps…caring for newborns is not for the squeamish–but these adorable bibs will make feeding time a fashionable feast for the eyes!

Download a free bib pattern from chickpea Sewing Studio and find your favorite fabric here!

Cute baby bibs are a hit at every meal!

Use the bib pattern above to create your own unique version. You may embellish with buttons, animals and a variety of other items, as this is a very versatile and personalized project. This is a fantastic  and thoughtful gift idea for expectant mothers, who will appreciate having beautiful items around when they are enduring the exhausting first months of motherhood!