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J&O Crafty Customer: Jenny’s Angels

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As our Facebook Fan page continues to grow, more and more of our crafty customers are showing off  their cool creations for our J&O family and community to view, share and comment on. One such fan is Karen Jordan of Jenny’s Angels, a line of custom made aprons and christening outfits designed in honor of Karen’s best friend Jenny who passed awaiting a kidney transplant. For Karen, all babies are angels, and since her line is named for Jen, a portion of every design sold is donated to the American Diabetes Foundation in her name . Jenny also loved butterflies, so on all of Karen’s custom christening gown designs there is a butterfly somewhere. Since Karen is a religious follower of our J&O Fabrics  acebook page, she is constantly replenishing her fabric stock with cool prints from our store and has this to say about our fabulous collection of Michael Miller prints and more…

Top Summer Wedding Color Trends 2014


With June still reining as one of the most popular months for marriage ceremonies despite February’s National Wedding Month ownership, color and fabric trends for 2014 are the main question inquiring minds want to know as the month unfolds. According to Pantone and several leading wedding planners around the country, the top 5 colors  for 2014 are mint, dark blue, pink, black, and emerald with mint taking center stage. From bold shades to lighter hues, the summer bridal palate offers its own statement against the traditional white of the bride and black tux of the groom.

Golden Globe’s 2014 Red Dress Affair!

If you didn’t get a chance to stick around and check all the big wins  this past weekend at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards,  maybe you at least got a sneak peak of the red carpet styling as designers vied for celebrities to dress,  fashion police made arrests, and talk show hosts selected their best to be put on display. The only thing missing….a few good firemen to put out the flames as ladies on fire lit up the runway!

Top 3 New Arrival Fabrics from J&O

This just in: There are 3 new arrival fabrics from J&O and all are affordable and chic! These 3 fabrics feature black as the prominent color and each has something special to offer any room or décor vibe.

The following selections of fabrics are new and available in our online store for a discounted price:

new arrival fabrics

Black Stripe Lace Fabric (Product ID: lac36295)

This quality fabric offers the traditional elegance of lace with a decidedly dark side. It has a rich floral design over polyester material to show the intricate detailing. This is how you get all the luxury of designer fabrics at a discounted price! Ideal uses for this type of lace fabric include table dressings, elegant garments, evening gowns, cabinetry and small touch items like lampshades.

Get Your Hands on this Fabric Clutch Craft

Handmade accessories are a wonderful way to revive your wardrobe or just accomplish a seasonal switch-up. We love this fabric clutch tutorial from Martha Stewart; just find your fabric at J&O Fabrics to get started on your own version! The simple clutch is flirty, feminine and adds a simple touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Fabric clutch tutorial

This simple fabric clutch provides a burst of color and will lead to a stream of compliments! (Admit it—we all like those).

Throw A Curve Ball: Reversible Wrap Around Skirt

Skirts are fun and flirty, a staple for any woman’s wardrobe. The wrap around skirt by craft master and supermom Andrea DeHart is flattering for any figure, and this reversible pattern adds interest and versatility! Now you are not pinned down to just one fabric—begin by choosing fabrics from our online store and remember: the fabric on the inner side will occasionally play peek-a-boo, so make sure they compliment each other!

(Photos and tutorial by Andrea DeHart) Wrap around skirts not only flatter every figure, but one size fits all (in most instances).  

Be a Doll—Just Add Ruffles!

Transform your child’s doll bed with a ruffle underlay (or your child’s bed)! This easy kids fabric craft is adorable and could even be used for an adult bed if done tastefully. Begin by browsing our selection of fabric online and finish off with some trims, tassels and cording.


You will need:

  • 2-5 yards of ruffle fabric, depending on size of bed. Find fabric here
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Ruler

Tip: Use elastic for a more non-permanent ruffle. This way it can be changed!

Fabric Headwrap Ideas & Inspirations

It can be a disappointment looking for cute hair accessories and headbands in department stores, it seems I am never able to locate what I visualize in my mind! Creating your own unique fabric headwraps is enjoyable and rewarding, and you can be certain that no one else will have the same one!

Begin by deciding on a few bold prints or novelty fabrics here.

To achieve this look, cut out desired shapes and join them using a sewing machine or stitch. Add a matchy ribbon at the end of each tip for easy tying.

Who Knew? Fabric Scraps Make Stellar Button Brooches!

Boring and tired items in your wardrobe can be appealing and even sophisticated again when you add a simple fabric brooch! Much like fabric flowers, the classic brooch adds flair and a personal sense of style (hello, Jackie-O!) that may be missing in your walk-in!

We love this fab tutorial from Chasity of Belle and Burger! Get going by browsing our decorative fabric selection and don’t forget to show us your finished projects on Facebook!

Brooches are back–and oh-so glam! Dress them up or down for fun & flirty appeal!

Spring Master Bedroom Makeover

Spring Bedroom MakeoverAre you ready for a spring master bedroom makeover? Now that spring has arrived it’s time to put away all the dark colors and freshen up our living spaces. One of my favorite areas of the home to start with when a new season arrives is the master bedroom. After all, we spend so much time in this room, doesn’t it deserve a bit of seasonal sprucing up? It should be the most relaxing place in the house but it should also reflect your personality. There are a lot of ways to redecorate without breaking the bank. In this post we’ll cover three super easy projects to remake one of the favorite rooms of the house.