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RV Road Tripping In Style With Summerdale Fabrics



With the camping and ‘road tripping’ season coming up soon, many RV owners around the country are upgrading their beloved houses on wheels, making destination plans, and mapping their scenic travel routes. From converted buses, pop-up campers and teardrop trailers, to hybrids, totter homes and 5th wheels, RV lovers are making their way to resort style campsites, rustic KOA’s and secluded destination locations across the USA in classic style.

DIY Cornhole Toss Tutorial

jandofabricsPlayed mostly at football games and as a form of competitive recreation, Cornhole, also known as corn toss, bean toss, or bag toss, is a lawn game where players take turns throwing bags of corn (or beans) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. The objective is to get the bag in the hole until the individual or team reaches 21 points. The first one to get there wins.

Ask Netfah: Cornhole Toss Fabrics


Dear Netfah,

With the Super Bowl right around the corner and my team in the running, I was interested in making those cornhole toss games for our party. I have the boards and the beans, now I just need the bags. What fabrics would you recommend ? I heard duck cloth was good.

- Bagless in Seattle



Dear Bagless in Seattle,

Cargo Pants Make a Great Messenger Bag: Must See Photos!

There is a new sewing trend strutting its stuff around the blogosphere—messenger bags fashioned from cargo style pants! If you have ever been disappointed with the available bags lining store shelves, this is a more attractive, functional and completely customizable solution to everyday transporting! (No, not teleporting).

Fabric Messanger Bag

Cargo pants can be a bit drab, so we recommend a bold fabric pattern to accent and attract the eye. You can begin by browsing our online fabric store, conveniently separated by category and color.

Zig Zag Fabric Bracelet Craft

This is yet another take on a fashionable fabric bracelet, this time in an appealing zigzag overlay! It was created by “Stepping Thr Crazy” and can be re-created easily with any of our fabrics here at J&O! The shape is interesting and a modern print fabric paired with a plain fabric can add a bit of flair to any ensemble! Ready to get started? Select your fabrics in our online fabric store and experience our freaky fast delivery…(sorry, Jimmy Johns).

Fabric bracelet craft

Getting ziggy with it! (All photos by “Stepping Thru Crazy”, a talented crafter!)

DIY Fabric Paint

Fabric crafts are quite possibly the most versatile! Just when you think you have thought of everything, something new will inspire you, like this fabric paint craft idea! The concept is simple: Take inventory of your living areas (including outdoor areas!) and decide if some acrylic paint could jazz up the look and feel of any fabric pieces…or if you just want an excuse to order new fabric and get your hands dirty!

Fabric paint crafts

Painting on fabric with shapes or words is a fun way to personalize your projects

Top 5 Crafts for Guys

J&O Top Five Crafts For Men

When most guys think of arts and crafts they either think of something that they did in summer camp twenty years ago or as something their wife or girlfriend does while waiting for their husbands to come home from fighting bears and catching fish with their bare hands. However, when it comes down to it, a craft is anything you make whether it be decorative, utilitarian, or something between the two; the idea that crafting is just a female activity is totally false. There are a myriad of crafts that guy can and should make. Here’s a few to get you started.

Kid’s Hanukkah Fabric Decorations

J&O Happy Hanukkah

As an only child, I grew up in a household where every craft that I ever made was kept and treasured. This is especially true for the holiday decorations that I crafted. Every year, my mother hangs up the little felt wreath I decorated in the fourth grade. I often give her a hard time about it and remind her that I am now an adult so she should probably stop putting it up. However, the truth is, I love that she has kept it all of these years and still thinks to put it in a prominent place during the holidays. Help your kids create their own memories with these Hanukkah kid’s crafts.

College Creations: A Splash of Color


Last year when my suite mates and I got our room assignment for this year, we ran directly up to the suite to knock on the door and check it our for ourselves. Even though we had never met the girls living there before, they were more than happy to show us around. After we noticed the amazing view, the next thing we focused on was how awesome the decorations were in their dorm. It looked less like a dorm and more like a little apartment! In an effort to recreate their decor, we have been hanging pictures and at on the walls. However, the real fun came when we decided to make our own art. This is an example of the mixed media art that we hung up and how to make it.

Fine Theatrical Fabrics at J and O

Imagine a movie in which there was no scenery, or your favorite television drama without a setting. So it goes with theatrical productions, where scenery can be everything. Despite its importance scenery can also be virtually anything, from just a chair to elaborately painted backdrops.

The modern focus on scenery can be traced back to the Italian opera buffa (comic opera) of the 18th century. Intricate plots were matched with equally detailed sets which helped convey both setting and action.