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RV Road Tripping In Style With Summerdale Fabrics



With the camping and ‘road tripping’ season coming up soon, many RV owners around the country are upgrading their beloved houses on wheels, making destination plans, and mapping their scenic travel routes. From converted buses, pop-up campers and teardrop trailers, to hybrids, totter homes and 5th wheels, RV lovers are making their way to resort style campsites, rustic KOA’s and secluded destination locations across the USA in classic style.

J&O Crafty Customer: Nydia’s Creations


mini apron / bag sets


It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of raw talent and creativity that exists in all of us. Yes, all of us. To one degree or another, whether nurtured 110% or simply left to play with now and again, the ever flowing creations that our imagination manifests into this reality reflect the power of the mind in truly amazing ways indeed.

Five Minute Sewing Projects

Sewing machine normanak

Let’s be honest, if you’re like me you love to craft, but you might be scratching your head wondering where you will get the time? Our days are filled with work, cleaning, kid’s activities, cooking, and more work. It seems like finding a breather to sit down and sew can be far and few between. However, this year, I have determined that one of my resolutions is to sew more and stress less! I find that sewing is a great stress reliever and when I’m happy everyone else merrily goes about their day. So, even if all I can fit in is five minutes of sewing there are some pretty cool projects that can be turned out in that amount of time. Here are some fabric suggestions along with links to some soul-soothing five minute sewing projects.

Tips, Tricks, And Resources For Everything Sewing

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Between the holiday season and Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a lot of people are going and shopping for fabric on our online fabric store. Apart from a spike in fabric sales, we also experience an increased number of customer questions. We get calls and e-mails from every level of sewer from brand new seamstresses and tailors who are trying to get a handle on the sewing community’s vernacular, to people who have been sewing for years who want to ask our opinion about a certain fabric that we carry. We absolutely love hearing from our customers; if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be able to do what we love the most! So for their convenience we compiled a few online resources that will help them out with all of those pesky questions that we might not be able to answer at midnight during a late night sewing project or a spur of the moment online shopping spree.