3-In-1 Timeless Treasure Craft Tutorials

After 50 years in business, we’ve had the opportunity to introduce and share fabrics from almost every fabric mill under the sun. While some only print amazing fabrics, others have multiple services that grow like branches from their textile tree. Timeless Treasure  is one of them. In the infancy of their cotton line, their design reputation was built on novelty collections. Pigs on motorcycles, rainbow-colored cats and Santa on a surfboard are just a few of the ideas that went from imagination to 100% cotton fabric. In the last 15 years, their collection has evolved and diversified based on their fan base’s needs. As such, we’re dedicating this blog to some of the creative Timeless Treasure craft tutorials they have put together for the DIY home maker, novice seamstress, expressive entrepreneur, and seasoned artisan. Not only are they cute, they’re FREE!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…A Countdown to Project Completion.


This November 22nd will mark the 94th anniversary of the Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. A tradition started back in 1924, this highly publicized ensemble of larger than life balloons featuring popular movie characters, magnificent floats, and entertaining performers from around the nation draws over 22 million television viewers and a sea of brave onlookers straddling the often cold parade route thru the streets of Manhattan with child-like anticipation of the final hallmarked Snoopy balloon at the processions end. An unofficial segue into the Christmas holiday season, not only is it a festive occasion and a parade of fabulous fabrics, but a reminder to quilters, artisans and craftsmen that the countdown to completion (or maybe the start) of their projects has now begun.

Celebrating July 4th, Food, Fabrics and YOU!


With summer quickly passing by and sun worshipers trying desperately to slow her pace down, many find themselves scrambling to prepare for one of the seasons biggest festive occasions… the Fourth of July.

Celebrated on that day with fireworks, cook outs, commemorations, and trips to the shore, Independence Day offers a time for reflection, human connection, great food and so much more. At J&O we keep our special occasion fabrics stocked year round for our quilters and artisans to gather and coordinate their projects and quilts well before the rush. Here are a few such popular themed prints and designs to fit the holiday theme and offer nostalgia.

J&O Crafty Customer: Isidora Designs

jandofabricsAt J&O Fabrics we are constantly running coupons,  sending out gift cards, and even giving away free fabric. As such, one of our lucky customers became a recipient of a $50 gift card that she won through a cool giveaway we ran on our Facebook page.  With it,  Connie Lawton Andrade purchased several fabrics along with enough yardage to make a fun Bucket Bag for the summer to add to her already creative inventory of  Isidora Designs bags found on Etsy. When asked what inspired her recent manifestation, Connie had this to say.

What Do Snoop Dogg, George McCartney & J&O Fabrics Have in Common?


cupcake fabric, cupcakes, jandofabrics, novelty cotton, snoop dog



Who would’ve thought?! But here it is in true avante-garde fashion and flair, sweet pastries on print, styled into a tailored 3-piece suit, complete with coordinating carnation pink lining, lapel trim and tie to match. Originally designed by graphic artist George McCartney for Timeless Treasures Textiles (#GM C-5993) and then constructed into a suit for Katy Perry’s ‘California Girl’s’ video featuring none other than Long Island’s very own Snoop Dogg, our cupcake fabric has become the tie that binds east with west  and cute novelty prints with urban-pop culture. 

YouTube Preview Image

Candy Fabric to Make Life Sweeter

Sooner or later everyone gets the munchies. Sadly, our first inclination is to indulge our sweet-tooth rather than reach for the celery. If you’ve found yourself staring down a cupcake (or two or three) or otherwise being seduced by sweets we urgently recommend you to take a look at our sweet-tooth fabrics.

With these delicious looking fabrics you will be able to enjoy all of the delicious things you love to eat without worrying about putting on the pounds. Here is some dessert fabrics from our novelty fabric section that we here at J&O Fabric Store have to offer:

Apple Pies Fabric

A Java Fix With Fabric?

How do you prefer your coffee? It’s doubtful any of us would ask for our coffee to be fabric-y. Yet in a sense that is what one Taiwanese manufacturer is providing. Eco-fashion company Singtex has started making shirts using a patented process that converts coffee grounds into yarn. According to the general manager of Singtex “one medium cup of coffee can make two shirts”. Though the shirts look like any other sportswear, they are fast drying and have anti-odor properties. These environmentally friendly fabrics also provide UV- protection.

Though we don’t currently off coffee ground based fabrics, we do carry natural and organic fabrics at J&O Fabric Store:

A Fabric Almost Good Enough to Eat

Can you imagine a fabric as delicious as it is fashionable? In the Philippines this is more than just a dream. There, fibers made from the leaves of the Spanish red pineapple are used to make traditional piña fabric. The fibers contribute to a fabric is lightweight and slightly stiff with an attractive luster. These handwoven fabrics are used to for a variety of applications, including for table linens, bags, mats and the traditional Barong Tagalog of the Philippines.

A Barong Tagalog

While J&O doesn’t currently carry piña fabric, we do have a variety of naturally produced organic fabric choices:

What is Designer Fabric?

You may recall having read the phrase “designer fabric” in the fabric descriptions at our online fabric store or in our blogs. Have you ever wondered exactly what we are referring to with that phrase?

For us designer fabric conveys two meanings. First of all, we usually qualify those fabrics which come from premier fabric companies as designer fabrics. Novelty print fabrics from such companies as Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, Shamash and Sons, Michael Miller and others are truly designer fabrics of excellent quality.