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4 Reasons To Use Home Decor Fabric On Your Next Room Make-Over

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From Genevieve Gorder and Tommy Bahama to Premiere Prints and Rich Loom, home decor fabric is always changing with the latest styles offering a level of creativity and versatility that is as wide as one’s imagination. Decorative items such as curtains and valances look much fresher with a touch of designer home decor fabrics. Making garments from these fabrics will add a little designer flair to your wardrobe. Pillows, bed sheets and other items also look nicer when made from home decor fabric. And if you are in the market for some, here are a few reasons why  home decor fabric is the best choice for stylizing your home.

Ann Kelle Inspirational, Fun, Classic Designs!

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I’m so happy to be visiting the J & O Fabrics blog today. To share a little bit about myself . . . After working for the Mayor of Nashville for several years, my  childhood love of art  was rekindled when I went to the store to purchase art supplies as a stress reliever. Two years later, I took a step of faith and launched a collection of note cards at a stationery show in New York.  A week later, my designs were being presented to Target where they would eventually appear on a variety of paper products found not only on the shelves of Target, but of Barnes and Nobles and several boutiques as well.

Enjoy Tropical Fabrics from Robert Kaufman Fabric Company

No matter where you find yourself as you read this, chances are you would switch in an instant if you could go someplace tropical. Couldn’t you just imagine yourself sitting on a sun-drenched beach, sipping something cool and refreshing? While our selection of tropical fabrics from Robert Kaufman can’t take you physically far, they can help to transport you to a more tropical frame of mind. Here are some of our tropical Robert Kaufman fabrics.

Hibiscus Sanctuary Fabric: Sky

Paradise Pareaus Fabric: White on Red

Palm Cove Fabric

Surf Beach Fabric

Tiki Drinks Fabric

Candy Fabric to Make Life Sweeter

Sooner or later everyone gets the munchies. Sadly, our first inclination is to indulge our sweet-tooth rather than reach for the celery. If you’ve found yourself staring down a cupcake (or two or three) or otherwise being seduced by sweets we urgently recommend you to take a look at our sweet-tooth fabrics.

With these delicious looking fabrics you will be able to enjoy all of the delicious things you love to eat without worrying about putting on the pounds. Here is some dessert fabrics from our novelty fabric section that we here at J&O Fabric Store have to offer:

Apple Pies Fabric

A Java Fix With Fabric?

How do you prefer your coffee? It’s doubtful any of us would ask for our coffee to be fabric-y. Yet in a sense that is what one Taiwanese manufacturer is providing. Eco-fashion company Singtex has started making shirts using a patented process that converts coffee grounds into yarn. According to the general manager of Singtex “one medium cup of coffee can make two shirts”. Though the shirts look like any other sportswear, they are fast drying and have anti-odor properties. These environmentally friendly fabrics also provide UV- protection.

Though we don’t currently off coffee ground based fabrics, we do carry natural and organic fabrics at J&O Fabric Store:

Lenpur: A Fabric Made of Wood

White Fir

Fabric is potentially the last thing you would think a tree can produce. Nevertheless, for some time now clothing from lenpur has on the market. What is lenpur? It is a fiber made from the pulp of the white fir tree. This pulp is sustainably harvested from said trees in order to make the fibers that are in turn converted into a range of goods.

Lenpur Yarn

What does it feel like? Despite coming from a tree, lenpur fabrics have a soft hand not unlike that of cashmere. Because of its soft feel, lenpur fabrics are today being used for outer- and undergarments. Fabrics made from lenpur fibers are known for their absorbency and anti-odor properties.

Skull & Crossbones Fabric from Robert Kaufman Fabric Co

Do you have a taste for the morbid? If so then our selection of Robert Kaufman’s skulls and crossbones fabrics will be right up your alley. Robert Kaufman Fabric Company’s amazing designers have saved some of their most imaginative work for the theme of skulls and crossbones. Here’s what you can find:

Bad Bones Fabric: Pink

Skull Emblems Fabric: Pink

Skull in Harmony Fabric: Black on White

Viva Skull Fabric: Red

Eerie Alley Hearses Fabric: Black

So go ahead and explore your dark side with Robert Kaufman’s skulls and crossbones fabrics at J&O Fabrics.

What is Pima Cotton?

At J&O most of our extensive selection of fabrics is comprised of cotton textiles. You may have noticed that a number of these are specifically pima cotton fabrics. So the question is: what is pima cotton?

Pima cotton is also known as Sea Island, Egyptian and Extra Long Staple and is produced by the pima cotton plant (Gossypium barbadense). Pima cotton gets its name from the Pima Indians who helped raise the cotton on USDA farms in the American Southwest in the early 1900s. Pima cotton is particularly appreciated for its resilience and durability. Some manufacturers of pima cotton goods even claim that their goods last up to 50% longer.

What is Designer Fabric?

You may recall having read the phrase “designer fabric” in the fabric descriptions at our online fabric store or in our blogs. Have you ever wondered exactly what we are referring to with that phrase?

For us designer fabric conveys two meanings. First of all, we usually qualify those fabrics which come from premier fabric companies as designer fabrics. Novelty print fabrics from such companies as Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, Shamash and Sons, Michael Miller and others are truly designer fabrics of excellent quality.