J&O Customer Poll: Top 10 Loved Fabrics

As a fabric lover who also works at a fabric store, I am privy to not only the latest and hottest top shelf fabrics as soon as they come off the truck, but a plethora of textiles that I may not normally have come in contact with along my journey. From popular new novelty cotton prints for 2011, to elegant mid-century Maharam decorator designs, if you were to ask me to list my favorite, it might just take a few days. But such a question shouldn’t go to waste , and so the crew at J&O Fabric Store decided to let our curiosity be fed as we posed this poll to our fabulous facebook fans. Afterall, knowing what our craft customers like most, gives us an idea of which fabrics we should purchase more of to keep our customers satisfied.With so many fabric-holics as fans of our J&O facebook page, it didn’t take any time at all for the feedback to start pouring in. From faux furs and brocades to Michael Miller and Amy Butler, the selection was as diverse as the people who voiced them.