Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…A Countdown to Project Completion.


This November 22nd will mark the 94th anniversary of the Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. A tradition started back in 1924, this highly publicized ensemble of larger than life balloons featuring popular movie characters, magnificent floats, and entertaining performers from around the nation draws over 22 million television viewers and a sea of brave onlookers straddling the often cold parade route thru the streets of Manhattan with child-like anticipation of the final hallmarked Snoopy balloon at the processions end. An unofficial segue into the Christmas holiday season, not only is it a festive occasion and a parade of fabulous fabrics, but a reminder to quilters, artisans and craftsmen that the countdown to completion (or maybe the start) of their projects has now begun.

Automobile Fabrics from Alexander Henry

Have you ever been driving down the highway and felt the desire to find an endless, winding road? Or maybe you simply want to put the pedal to the metal and see what your die can do. If you have ever felt the call of the open road Alexander Henry’s automotive fabrics are for you!

The imaginative designs, bold colors and high quality of the Alexander Henry’s cotton fabrics stand out from the crowded field of novelty fabrics. These aren’t just utilitarian fabrics, but rather fabrics that can inspire you to create. Quilts, Hawaiian shirts and other garments, lampshades, curtains and much more can look better than ever by using Alexander Henry novelty fabrics. Here are a few examples:

Wild West Fabrics from Alexander Henry

One of the most striking aspects of Alexander Henry’s fabrics is how different they are from anything else on the market. While other fabric mills purchase expensive licenses to produce fabrics with familiar images, Alexander Henry’s fabric designs seem to be shaped by pure imagination and a delight of what can be depicted on fabric. The designs of this Burbank, California based mill can be counted on to display imaginative designs printed on high quality cotton. Just as their website announces, Alexander Henry’s prints are truly the “fabric of imagination”.

Candy Fabric to Make Life Sweeter

Sooner or later everyone gets the munchies. Sadly, our first inclination is to indulge our sweet-tooth rather than reach for the celery. If you’ve found yourself staring down a cupcake (or two or three) or otherwise being seduced by sweets we urgently recommend you to take a look at our sweet-tooth fabrics.

With these delicious looking fabrics you will be able to enjoy all of the delicious things you love to eat without worrying about putting on the pounds. Here is some dessert fabrics from our novelty fabric section that we here at J&O Fabric Store have to offer:

Apple Pies Fabric

The Perfect Fabrics for the End of Summer

Summer is coming to an end. While it’s sad for kids to think of heading back to school, it’s equally sad for adults who can only look forward to raking leaves and shoveling snow. If you are like me, then you’re not ready for summer to end just yet. Keep your summer going and mind in a tropical place with Alexander Henry‘s selection of tropical fabrics. How would these novelty fabrics look in your projects?

Glide Swimmers Fabric

Hana Lei Surfboards Fabric

Kaui Kids Fabric

Zombie Lagoon Fabric: Black

Zombie Lagoon Fabric: Turquoise

The Art of Seduction! Bringing Sexy Fabric Back!

Pin-up girls are celebrities, fashion models, sex symbols or actresses who’s beauty, charm and sexual appeal capture the attention of society’s pop culture in such a way as to cause mouths to drool and eyes to pop at the mere sight of their perfectly posed bodies across laminated posters and magazine spreads. Gaining popularity in the 1930’s, each era has seen a handful of these iconic beauty’s come and go…and in some cases, mystically come back again in the forms of clones so identical in look and attitude that it’s almost scary. Like the 1950’s voluptuous sex siren movie star Marilyn Monroe and the 90’s troubled millionaire widow Anna Nicole Smith, who’s respective journey’s to stardom and fame were both filled with rumors of scandal, drugs, passion and pain. Even the petite dark haired 1950’s pin-up Bettie Page who carried her legacy on camera well into the 1990’s met with her younger reflection found in the doll like face of fellow newcomer Bernie Dexter.

What is Designer Fabric?

You may recall having read the phrase “designer fabric” in the fabric descriptions at our online fabric store or in our blogs. Have you ever wondered exactly what we are referring to with that phrase?

For us designer fabric conveys two meanings. First of all, we usually qualify those fabrics which come from premier fabric companies as designer fabrics. Novelty print fabrics from such companies as Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, Shamash and Sons, Michael Miller and others are truly designer fabrics of excellent quality.