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Celebrating African Fabric Textile Contributions !



As Americans celebrate the inventions and legacies of Africans / African-Americans throughout history this month, reflections of their art, history and cultural traditions can be found in almost every aspect of our society. In recognition of their traditional African fabric textile contributions,  the J&O Family would like to take a moment to highlight some of the beautiful waxed prints and metallics available for your crafting and quilting pleasure.

Organic Bamboo! Best Summer Fabric In Town.


With the summer quickly moving along and temperatures running high, naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant organic bamboo fabric which is breathable even in the hottest weather, is also one of the coolest summer fabrics in town and we have Mother Nature to thank for that!

Traditionally used in China and Japan to make hats and shoes, and in the South Pacific for housing and utensils, bamboo has undergone many processes to create the fiberous form found in modern day wear.  Whether you’re decorating your summer home, designing a collection, or simply making a few pieces for yourself, be beckoned by bamboo and keep your cool at the same time.

J&O Fabrics Outdoor Fabric Guide


With the summer season officially here, time to put procrastinating aside and start pulling out those patio cushions, polishing up table tops and dusting off umbrellas in preparation for outdoor entertaining,  fun in the sun, or simply relaxing poolside in the shade.

For many, this process will look more like an arduous chore  rather than a easy task as the winter hibernation season seemed to drag on forever. And if your beautiful cushions weren’t packed up properly, you could be in store for some cleaning and revamping ahead of you. Worse case scenario, you’ll find yourself tossing the old for the new…. DIY or BUY style. Best case, with a little help from J&O fabrics, you’ll find just the right tips, tricks and fabulous fabrics to make your dreams of your backyard living space come true!

Her Name Is Indigo.



When we think about African fabric design, rarely do we as consumers give much thought as to the history, craft, and meaning behind the symbols, patterns, or design elements we see. Instead we ‘ooh‘ and ‘aah‘ at the bright colors and creative print, thinking about what we can make with this, what we can do with that . But until we have the opportunity to see its manifestation from concept to completion, we will never really appreciate the finished textile  that seems to silently whisper…i am special, buy me!


Category Of The Month: African Fabric

Widely appreciated for their craftsmanship and vibrant colors, the textile and designs of African fabric often create the kind of appeal that inspires breathtaking traditional garments,  eclectic home  decor, memorable celebratory events  and more. From waxed metallic cottons most popular in Nigeria and other West African countries, to traditional Kente from Ghana and Bogolanfini mud cloth from Mali, the creative uses offer a multitude of options to satisfying an array of project needs not only for special occasions, but everyday use as well.

Top 5 Darling Disco Dot Fabrics

Connect the design dots your own way with these delightful disco dot fabrics! With an arsenal of color pallets available, you will be inspired to integrate these bold patterns into your next fabric craft!

The large dots are appealing and the bold colors create a modern medley for either home décor or fashion purposes! Without further ado—here are our top 5 Disco Dot fabrics:

5. Disco dots in Caribbean. This is an ideal fabric to drench your surroundings in the brilliant hues of the marbled blue and green Caribbean! Create a bright curtain and you will find yourself on a mission to acquire more items in these gorgeous colors!




After spending upwards of two hundred dollars on a shiny new Iphone 4S, the last thing that you want is for it to get scratched or cracked. As careful as you may be with your electronics, accidents happen. That is why we compiled a list of our top five favorite Iphone 4S cases that use fabric to act as a soft but durable buffer between your new phone and the ground.


#1: Iphone 4/ 4S Horizontal Hipster


The Great Outdoors – A Fabric Guide


It’s summer, time to shed our jackets and boots in favor of skin baring tops and open toes and enjoy the outdoors.  While we’re out there, we’ll probably want to sit at some point.  That brings us to outdoor furniture… and outdoor living in general.

Making It Your Own Part 2 – Embellishing On the Facts

Love is in the details, and this is never more true than when it comes to fashion.  It can be something as small as buttons that will have you saying “Ooooooh, that’s so cuuuuute!!!”  If you take the time to sew your own garments, you clearly want to make a statement.  Otherwise, you can just pull something off the rack at your local Big Box store and save yourself a lot of trouble… right?

You don’t need expert sewing skills or costly rhinestone trim.  There are all kinds of easy-to-make embellishment that will deliver the “Wow!” factor.

Fascinating Fabric: Bathing Beauties Beat Pollution

Fashion and function rarely meet to create something ultra chic. However, at this past Swim Week in South Beach, Miami a group of designers did just that. Designers collaborated to send a line of 100% decomposable bathing suits down the runway.


Instead of being made from polyester, the organic and natural fabrics that are used are made from things like plant starch, wood pulp, hemp, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles, and fabric scraps of cotton and nylon. The suits won’t break down on a woman’s body, but if given the proper conditions and buried in a landfill, the entire bathing suit will be reduced to nothing in about 180 days.