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Organic Bamboo! Best Summer Fabric In Town.


With the summer quickly moving along and temperatures running high, naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant organic bamboo fabric which is breathable even in the hottest weather, is also one of the coolest summer fabrics in town and we have Mother Nature to thank for that!

Traditionally used in China and Japan to make hats and shoes, and in the South Pacific for housing and utensils, bamboo has undergone many processes to create the fiberous form found in modern day wear.  Whether you’re decorating your summer home, designing a collection, or simply making a few pieces for yourself, be beckoned by bamboo and keep your cool at the same time.

Fabric Grocery Bag: Cute Collapsible Strawberry

This cute collapsible fabric shopping bag by Craft Passion hooks neatly to your purse or backpack! Find your favorite fabrics here and follow the tutorial below to make yours. Pro-tip: Make a few. Your friends will ‘borrow’ them!

Reusable shopping bag

Photos by Craft Passion, some of our favorite creative geniuses!

You will need: (to make 2)

  • Thin cotton or polyester fabric: 31” x 25”
  • Green cotton fabric: 6 ½” x 5 ½” (2 pieces)
  • 3 ½ yards of bias tape
  • 1 piece of 15” cord
  • Ribbon or cotton tape, about 2”

3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day was born on April 22, 1970 as was the foundations of the environmental movement. Now, forty-two years later, we are still finding new ways to live a greener lifestyle and create a smaller carbon footprint for the good of our planet and future generations. Crafters have even picked up the baton and found new ways to repurpose clothing and recycle household waste into some pretty amazing craft projects.