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Connecticut Huskies Win NCAA 60-54 Over Kentucky Wildcats


When the final buzzer rang at the end of the fourth quarter at AT&T Stadium last night, it was the Connecticut Huskies 60-Kentucky Wildcats 54, a win that would earn UCONN’s fourth NCAA title and Connecticut’s  Shabazz Napier, his second All-American title. In a game featuring the highest combined seeds in the history of the national championship game, the Wildcats were looking for their ninth NCAA title, instead they lost for the fourth time. UConn is now 4-0 in championship games.

D.I.Y. Fleece Dog Toys


If you have ever had a pet, especially a dog, you know how much they like to gnaw and entertain their Freudian oral fixations from time to time.  Heaven forbid your cute canine finds boredom in their day, then so much for your pair of brand new sneakers and other objects of play. Of course one can find a million toys at a local pet store to spend their last $10 on, but why buy when you can make it I always say. Enter our D.I.Y. fleece toys for dog blog!

J&O Crafty Customer: Pearl Hinz’s Nebraska Huskers Quilt




Every now and again one of our crafty customers shoots us an email sharing a pic or two of projects they’ve completed with the help of our wide range of fabrics. One such lady is Pearl Hinz.

Mrs. Hinz sent us a Nebraska Corn Huskers themed quilt she created for her nephew using our collegiate cotton material featuring the popular team logo and mascot in a red, black and white color theme.  Using several square cuts, she overlaid black framed Husky prints quilted in a similar fashion creating a beautiful heirloom for her sister’s son to have for many years to come. Workmanship like this is truly a labor of love.

Get Ready For March MADNESS!

jandofabrics, ncaa

mad·ness \ -noun
1. the state of being mad; insanity.
2. senseless folly: It is sheer madness to speak as you do.
3. intense excitement or enthusiasm.
4. frenzy; rage.

While Websters Dictionary describes madness in the terms above, the arrival of March signals a unique type of madness that goes along with the long-awaited thawing of winter’s ice and snow, chirping birds, sprouting buds and evolving green landscapes. In the midst of all this gentleness lurks a recurring madness that blows in with March and builds to a frenetic conclusion in the final weeks of the month. This seasonal insanity is aptly called “March Madness”; and among its symptoms are the strong growing weak, the weak growing strong, and constant talk of Cinderella.

Back to School: Roll Up Pencil Totes

It is back to school time once again, and that means supplies and storage! While there is likely to come a day when the pencil is completely erased by the computer in schools, they are still on the teacher’s list right now!

Sharpen your student’s pencil collection with this cute DIY roll up tote! Begin by selecting your fabric here!

You will need:
• An 18-20” wide place mat
• Fabric or fabrics (depending on how fancy you are feeling!)
• Ruler
• Washable marker or…pencil!
• String, ribbon or shoelace

Back to School: Fabulous Fabric Bookmark

Fashion a few of these fabric bookmarks and become your child’s favorite subject! Stock up on fabric in all prints and styles in our online fabric store and get started!

Fabric Bookmarks

These fabric bookmarks are a breeze

You will need:
•  Fabric. I recommend multiple prints to add interest and contrast or our NFL fabric for the sports fans!
•  Random buttons
•  Complementary or contrasting thread
•  Rectangle to trace (or draw one)
•  Thin cardboard for center

Fabric Bookmarks

Use a contrasting fabric on the backside, essentially creating a reversible bookmark

Family Crafts: Expose the Fun with Magic Fabric Dye! (Video)

Looking for something fun to do with fabric that will completely captivate your family? Check out this (magical) fabric dye, you just paint it onto your fabric and expose it to the sun to obtain desired depth and color! Completely awesome. So what exactly is this fabled dye? Inkodye is light-sensitive dye for textiles or any natural fibers, including wood and raw leather. A company has even formed using Inkodye, see video at bottom of post!

inkodye fabric projects

Fabric dye changes the color of the craft and the mood of everyone involved!

Make An Awesome iPhone or iPod Case/Stand—Video Tutorial!

If you own an iPhone or other smartphone, you likely invested quite a bit of money into it, so why not create a cool personalized case and stand to show it off? The following video tutorial from MadebyMarizpan is a simple step-by-step way to make your own, easy as 1-2-3! Follow link to our fabric selection to get inspired to make yours!

This is a combination case/stand for your smartphone, adaptable to accommodate various types. It reminds me of how cool “reversible” clothing was in its prime!

Something Smells…Good! Scented Sachets Tutorial

Keeping your home smelling fresh and inviting can be a challenge…especially if you have pets. I have a large dog and am therefore consumed in an epic and never-ending battle to douse and destroy all offensive olfactory evidence of his existence…these sachets are part of my arsenal!

The kiddos will enjoy crafting these cute scented bags in a variety of colors, and you can clear out that basket of fabric remnants by using them for accents and embellishments! Begin by selecting your fabric designs in our extensive online fabric store! (Or just come on by, if you live in the area!)

Make Any Shirt New Again—With Fabric Accents and Patching!

We all have that favorite t-shirt that has certainly seen better days! Relax, you do not have to think about throwing it away each time you eye that stain—just cover it with a piece of fabric that shows off your personality! Find your favorite fabric to fix your favorite tee in our online fabric store!

A girl should never be forced to oust her most-loved tee. Sew easy—and sew cute…yet, free of the sewing machine!

Once you decide on a direction, use hot glue or a fabric adhesive to secure your fabric onto your shirt. The result? No more stain, rip or unattractive worn tee! Now old faithful is ready to serve you for another decade…perhaps.