March Madness Billion Dollar Bracket College Fabric


Some call it a gimmick, some a gamblers dream, but whatever name you give it, if you can call a perfect NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket during the March Madness run…you might be the first Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge Winner by the luck of the draw!

If you haven’t heard already, Quicken Loans and Warren Buffett are offering up to 15 million people a very small chance to win a very, big prize to the tune of ….you guessed it— a billion dollars. With many entering and only one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 standing a chance at actually winning, according to some, the free entrance fee and a little Lady Luck may be just enough to pull it off and walk away with the big bucks.

Contest! Most Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you have an idea for the most creative Valentine’s Day gift? Enter our contest and your creative genius could win you a gift certificate from J&O Fabrics!

Valentines Day contest

Your Valentines Day gift idea can be for a child, spouse, parent, friend, coworker, family pet—absolutely anyone! To submit your idea, just use the form below and share your idea. Winners will be selected and announced on J&O Fabrics Facebook page one week after Valentine’s Day (February 21st).

Valentines Day gift ideas

We will pick 3 winners to win the following gift certificates (redeemable at J&O Fabrics, online and in our New Jersey shop):

J&O Fabrics Announces Winner of ‘Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest’!

What a selection of creative costumes our facebook fans have had the pleasure of viewing and judging these last two weeks! Over a month ago we started with sixteen Halloween costume entries that made it into the 3rd Annual J&O Fabrics ‘ Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest ‘ voting bracket, and after all was send and done, we ended with four. Check them out below!


1st Place Winner: Dorthy Lafferty's Fox

J&O Fabrics Announces NFL Coolest Craft Contest Winner 2011!


jandofabrics, nfl

Well, after a day late delay,  the votes have been tallied and the winners our “Coolest Handmade NFL Fabric Craft ” contest went to facebook fans Amber Trujilo, Deborah Soldan Wood and Val Parker! Congradulations!!!

1st Place Winner: Amber Trujilo








1st Place winner Amber Trujilo showcased her way cool San Diego Chargers baby shower gift set including wipie container, baby blanket, & diaper bag and we gave it a thumbs up with a landsliding 157 likes. Her first place win has her walking away with a $50 J&O Fabrics gift card to spend probably making many more of these before the season is over! Well done Amber.

Last Day to Enter J&O Coolest NFL Craft Contest!

They say that all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that holds true for our Coolest NFL Craft Contest as well. But don’t fret! The good part is, there’s still one week left to accumulate your ‘likes’ and put yourself in the winnings for one of our J&O Fabric gift certificates carrying up to $50 worth of FREE CASH for your next fabric shopping trip on us. That’s right, the last day to post your entrees in the contest is TODAY (October 23rd)! Voting continues until Monday October 31st at 11:59pm est. Winners will be announced November 3rd. So, sew your last seam, patch your last quilt square, glue your last logo…and post it up for all to see!

J&O Fabrics: 3rd Annual Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest


If there is one thing that being in the fabric industry for over 45 years has shown us, it’s that despite the change of seasons and passing of generations, Halloween is one of those celebrated holidays that continues to beckon the creative imagination and stirring a parade of popular tv and movie characters, ghoulish monsters, funny faces and exotic personalities hidden behind extravagant costumes to take to the streets each time Oct 31st comes around. With this little known fact in mind, we at J&O fabric store vow to continue to play our part in conjuring the creativity of our customers with  not only awesome fabric, but the opportunity to get it for free just in time for the festive parties! From scary looking Halloween themed novelty prints and fancy dress fabrics, to versatile felts and funky retro’s, bringing the bizarre into existence is just a click away! And what better way to showcase them than thru our 3rd Annual Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest!

J&O Coolest NFL Craft Contest Underway!


Almost two weeks ago we posted our Coolest NFL Craft Contest Blog and as soon as our football fabric fans got word, they were off and running in the race to the win. With free money, free fabric and the chance at having their one-of-a-kind NFL themed handcrafts showcased for over 8,000 J&O facebook fans worldwide to see on the line, crafters are pulling out all the stops and the entries just keep pouring in. Even our voters are feeling the excitement and anticipation as the ‘likes’ mount up.

J&O Kicks Off Coolest NFL Themed Craft Contest !



Since the J&O Fabrics family are not just fans of fabric, but fans of football too, we pride ourselves on carrying one of the largest and newest selection of teams in cotton, flannel, fleece and vinyl online. From the NY Giants to the San Francisco 49ers and almost every NCAA college team inbetween, J&O is the one stop spot for all your football fan fabric needs. With this in mind, what better way to once again show our love for the sport and our fans that support, than by running our annual Coolest NFL Craft Contest…early!

J&O Fabrics Retro Revival Contest: And the Winners Are…

jandofabrics, retro revival

It was BIG!

It was HUGE!

Two companies, one contest, and a ton of cool prizes from J&O fabrics and Retro Revival up for grabs!

Now that it’s over, we’re pleased to announce the winners of our giveaway!

Drum roll please…..

After a few weeks of  contestants uploading pics of their inspirational retro looks on our facebook page, and then a few more spent bribing family, friends, and J&O facebook fans to ‘ like ‘ them, it came down to an innocent looking woman with a big beautiful smile, a man not afraid to do a little house work, a cute retro style apron, and a Halloween inspired ensemble that would make anybody scream…in excitement of course! 

J&O Fabrics Retro Fabric Contest

jandofabrics, jo fabrics, retro fabric contest

It’s a Retro Revival!!!

Polyester suits, bell bottom pants, disco, pet rocks and fat ties are some things that many of us gave permission to quietly fade into oblivion when it comes to the 70’s era. But the 70’s also produced some great bands, movies, home furnishings and funky retro fabric prints. From bold geometric shapes in vibrant colors, to psychodelic designs with funky artistic flair, visually stimulation was ‘in’. Some of you may even remember other design elements found in seventies furniture and interior decorating including shag-pile carpet, textured walls, lacquered furniture, gaudy lampshades, molded plastic furniture, and of course… plaids! In honor of the era and the patterns that sustained their popularity thru the many fashion trends and cycles of life, J&O Fabrics alongside Retro Revival, are pleased to announce an incredibly awesome contest for the 70’s/vintage fabric lover in you!