J&O Crafty Customer: Jenny’s Angels

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As our Facebook Fan page continues to grow, more and more of our crafty customers are showing off  their cool creations for our J&O family and community to view, share and comment on. One such fan is Karen Jordan of Jenny’s Angels, a line of custom made aprons and christening outfits designed in honor of Karen’s best friend Jenny who passed awaiting a kidney transplant. For Karen, all babies are angels, and since her line is named for Jen, a portion of every design sold is donated to the American Diabetes Foundation in her name . Jenny also loved butterflies, so on all of Karen’s custom christening gown designs there is a butterfly somewhere. Since Karen is a religious follower of our J&O Fabrics  acebook page, she is constantly replenishing her fabric stock with cool prints from our store and has this to say about our fabulous collection of Michael Miller prints and more…

Polka Dot Fabrics for a Wall Project

This adorable wall décor idea is from Fabric.com and can be easily recreated in your own home with fabrics from J&O! This craft can be made with any shape: Circles, squares, stars and more, making it versatile. Using a variety of fabric prints and textures will add interest to the overall look and feel, creating a special space for your child. We think our selection of polka dot fabrics would be wonderful for this project.

polka dot fabrics

Cool fabric ceiling or wall décor idea we loved on Fabric.com

To recreate this look, you will need:

Crafty: Baby Short-all from Adult Tee

We found this cute idea to transform an adult tee into a baby short-all on Pinterest! Using an adult tee gives you options like using humorous tees, plain colors or various prints. Hint: we recommend using a humorous tee.

 Baby Short-all

You will need:

  • A crew neck shirt will make your task easier. A man’s tee will give you more fabric to work with.
  • Short-all pattern is 6-12 months
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine

 Baby Short-all

What to do:

  • Use pattern to cut tee parts out. Pro-tip: Using a bell shape instead for the sleeves makes it easier to put on the child!

Fabric Car Seat Canopy Ideas and Instructions

Summer is coming, so why not be ready with this adorable fabric car seat canopy to shield your little loved ones from the sun? Check out our fresh summer fabrics and prints, and follow the instructions below to make your own!

Fabric Car Seat Canopy

You will need:

  • Fabric of choice
  • Sewing kit or machine
  • Velcro pieces
  • Coordinating thread

Fabric Car Seat Canopy

What to do:

  • Finished size for this is 42 long by 35 wide. Measure the child’s seat you wish to cover to ensure that size will work for your needs.

Fabric Picks for the Little Fellow

Baby Boy

I have been doing some sewing for several new babies that have come into my life over the past year. It’s so fun to make the tiny clothes and cuddly blankets for each new bundle of joy that makes his or her grand appearance! At each baby shower I’ve attended, several of my friends or relatives have crafted handmade gifts for the babe on the way. Each one has such a personal touch it’s hard for the new momma not to shed a tear as she imagines finally holding her little one. The love and hours dedicated to crafting something with your own hands is a gift that has no price.

What’s the Big Idea? Felt Elephant Craft

This adorable felt elephant craft is a trunk full of fun! The pattern is easy to follow, thanks to the good people at Quex. Begin by browsing our selection of felt fabric, or use decorative fabric for a more stylish approach! These little guys and gals make great gift ideas for moms-to-be, and could certainly be transformed into an overall nursery theme!

Felt fabric elephant

What’s the big idea? Get crafty with this felt elephant tutorial! 

Kiddos love animals in all shapes and sizes, so this elephant will be a hit! Create stand-alone pets, place them on baskets or cribs, frame them and more!

Oversized Fabric Owl Pillow Idea!

As you may know, we love owl craft ideas, anything from owl handbags for kids to pillows and blankets! Owls are a hoot. This particular idea comes to us from Etsy, and is for sale if you are not interested in trying your hand and your own choice of fabrics! So begin by browsing our selection of fabrics and notions and watch your project take flight!
Owl pillow craft

A blend of multiple fabrics and ribbons make this plush owl pillow irresistible! Note: this is for sale on Etsy, we are simply sharing the idea for a family craft.

Crafty Couture: Pattern for Unisex Kids Shorts

For those crafters out there who delight in creating children’s couture–here is a free pattern for shorts I stumbled upon recently while checking out Tara Miller’s stuff on fabric.com blog! Shop J&O Fabrics and find dozens of cute designs to create your own shorts. Use your intuitive inner design guru to fashion fabric combinations for these cutie pie pants! You may begin by browsing our fabric selection online for inspiration, many of which are on sale!

(All photos by Tara Miller of Fabric.com, one gifted Mom! ) This pattern is called ‘Aiden Appliqued Shorts’

Bring Back that Bookshelf with Fabric Lining!

Bookshelves can be boring—but they do not have to be! Bring some life to that bookshelf with vibrant fabrics. This is a great idea for a child’s room, or your own crafting shelves! Begin by browsing our online fabric store and selecting the perfect fabrics for your décor and follow the simple fabric bookshelf lining steps below!

Fabric Bookshelf Lining

Made possible with fabric

You will need:
• Fabric (measure the area where you would like the fabric, and add a ½ inch to each side)
• Fabric adhesive or hot glue
• Scissors, pinking shears or rotary cutter
Pro-tip: If you prefer perfect edges, hem the sections of fabric all the way around prior to gluing them to the shelf

Easy Fleece and Ribbon No-Sew Pillow Project (NFL fleece available!)

I stumbled upon this adorable video tutorial by Family Fun that shows how to make an adorable ribbon and fleece pillow promptly! While the time it takes to finish this craft will vary depending on the crafter, the video tutorial is less than 2 minutes in length and makes it look incredibly easy to make this fluffy fleece dream! Grab your fleece fabric here and get started (NFL fleece fabric available)!

Ribbon and Fleece No Sew Pillow

I am not sure about you, but I am already making a mental list of which children will be receiving a special pillow this holiday season! This is such a personal, fast and affordable gift idea.