DIY Cocktail Canopy from J&O Fabrics

J&O DIY Cocktail Canopy: Floral Deco

For the J&O/ Summerdale Mills family, summer just isn’t summer without backyard BBQ’s, picnics, taking in seemingly endless sunsets in an outdoor living space of our very own, or simply sitting pretty by the seashore.  But beyond the idea and aesthetics of it all, there is the nitty-gritty of uninvited guests to contend with that certainly can have a way of spoiling the fun. You know those party-crashers I’m speaking of. The eight-legged, winged and just plain annoying creepy crawlies seduced by the sights, sounds and scents of it all. We can’t blame them for wanting to get a taste of the good life I know, but we can make our presence in their domain more comfortable.

J&O Quick~n~Easy No Sew Dog Bandana

Jando Fabrics DIY dog bandana


Whether styling for the holidays, flossing for a special occasion, or simply stepping out on a day-2-day, our favorite canines love expressing themselves in their own way just like we do so why not help them out by adding a little flavor to their standard dog collars. From bright neon’s and funky prints to casual denim and assorted plaids for the holidays, bringing out your pet’s personality with fabric has never been so easy and fun with J&O Fabrics !  And with less than a yard of fabric required, it’s affordable too!


D.I.Y. Fleece Dog Toys


If you have ever had a pet, especially a dog, you know how much they like to gnaw and entertain their Freudian oral fixations from time to time.  Heaven forbid your cute canine finds boredom in their day, then so much for your pair of brand new sneakers and other objects of play. Of course one can find a million toys at a local pet store to spend their last $10 on, but why buy when you can make it I always say. Enter our D.I.Y. fleece toys for dog blog!

Celebrate ‘Love Your Pet Day’ With J&O Fabrics

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” Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened. “

February 20, 2014 is Love Your Pet Day! A day set aside each year to devote extra special attention and love to our can’t-live- without, love-you-to-death, mans-best-companion family additions that have become such and intimate part of our lives in one way or another along the way. Celebrated around the world and including ALL types of creatures from common household dogs, cats and birds, to reptiles, insects, primates and more, Love Your Pet Day offers an opportunity to pamper your little furry, scaly, loved one in a special way. With a little help from J&O, those special treats are only a click away. From extra stuffed pet beds and custom outer wear, to fabric embellished scrapbooks and laminated food bowls, our pet themed fabrics come in an array of styles, colors and designs making finding the right selection for both you and Spike, fun and personalized.

Felt Owl Pencil Holder Craft and Fabric

Looking for adorable desk storage ideas? This felt fabric owl pencil holder is a cute way to organize your workspace at home or the office! Click through our selection of felt fabrics and make your own version today!

Felt Owl Craft

Soft felt owl pencil holder to keep a watchful eye on your workspace


You will need:

  • Felt fabrics. Decide what colors you want the eyes, body, wings and head to be, then just place your order with J&O Fabrics!
  • Contrasting embroidery thread will make your owl stand out, but if you prefer a more matchy style, coordinate.

Valentine’s Day Fabric Owl Craft: Whooo Loves Ya Baby!

This sewing craft idea for Valentine’s Day will effectively communicate just WHOOO loves them! It is an adorable owl pillow crafted with Valentines fabrics, find yours at J&O Fabrics and get started!

Valentines Day Owl Pillow

Photos by Judy from Loves to Sew

You will need:

  • Several different Valentine print fabrics. 1/3 yard for the front of the owl and 1/3 for the back.
  • A small plate (tea saucer) and a large dinner plate (for the patterns)
  • Red and pink felt fabric for the wings, eyes and other embellishments
  • Fiber fill stuffing
  • Coordinating thread

Felt Starfish Craft

Looking for a fun family craft for the kiddos or perhaps a bright addition to a nautical theme? Grab some felt fabric from J&O and make these cute starfish in a flash! These would look cute with some sea rope and shells, or as pillows for a mermaid-themed child’s room, the ideas are endless.

Felt starfish craft

These felt starfish are cute and look great in any color. Make a pile and sea how much fun it is!

You will need:

  • One or more colors of felt fabric. You can make several colors and group them together, they certainly do not have to be just orange!

What’s the Big Idea? Felt Elephant Craft

This adorable felt elephant craft is a trunk full of fun! The pattern is easy to follow, thanks to the good people at Quex. Begin by browsing our selection of felt fabric, or use decorative fabric for a more stylish approach! These little guys and gals make great gift ideas for moms-to-be, and could certainly be transformed into an overall nursery theme!

Felt fabric elephant

What’s the big idea? Get crafty with this felt elephant tutorial! 

Kiddos love animals in all shapes and sizes, so this elephant will be a hit! Create stand-alone pets, place them on baskets or cribs, frame them and more!

Oversized Fabric Owl Pillow Idea!

As you may know, we love owl craft ideas, anything from owl handbags for kids to pillows and blankets! Owls are a hoot. This particular idea comes to us from Etsy, and is for sale if you are not interested in trying your hand and your own choice of fabrics! So begin by browsing our selection of fabrics and notions and watch your project take flight!
Owl pillow craft

A blend of multiple fabrics and ribbons make this plush owl pillow irresistible! Note: this is for sale on Etsy, we are simply sharing the idea for a family craft.

All Ears: Adorable Fabric Mouse Pincushion

This itty-bitty mouse is just too irresistible to avoid! I am picturing it using a variety of different fabrics, which you can find here at our online fabric store! This could be used as a pincushion or similar sewing stow, and it is a far-from cheesy gift idea!

fabric mouse pincushion

Say cheese! Adorable fabric mouse craft with oversized ears

You will need:
• A few (at least two!) fabrics from J&O Fabrics (of course!)
Felt fabric for the ears, tail and nose (also in stock)
Fabric Scissors/Shears
• Sewing skills
• Cotton stuffing (or your preferred material)
Pro-tip: Stuff with scented material!