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While Barry Manilow’s popular hit song from the 80’s warned couples not to fall in love at the CopaCabana , when it comes to taking in the outdoors in style, the wish for a cabana you can’t help but fall in love with is just what the doctor ordered as the lazy, hazy days of summer roll in.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a cabana as: (1) a tent-like shelter usually with an open side facing a beach or swimming pool.  Pretty much anything that gave you some resemblance of shelter and privacy on a beach or poolside could be considered one. They were used as changing rooms, secret little hook-up getaways, or shelters from the sun. They were more for function than form and while they could be found  in public spaces as well as private resorts, they were not necessarily a place you spent the whole day. Fast forward thru the decades and you’ll find much has changed.

From Atlantic City to Palm Springs, resorts and nightclubs have made cabana’s the VIP areas for guests and party goers willing to pay an extra buck for specialized treatment and exclusivity. As the trend spread, the social divide between the have and the have not’s cultivated a lifestyle that separated the common folk from the seemingly privileged…until now.

No  longer restricted to the resort industry, as more and more home owners are desiring new ways to entertain outdoors, the demand for engineered and non-engineered cabanas has increased. Engineered cabanas are sturdier, mostly steel-framed and usually attached to the ground like a permanent structure while non-engineered cabanas are made of wood, can resemble Tiki huts or Bedouin tents, and are movable.

In addition to their varying structures, the use and design of a custom cabana can range from a simple wood-planked platform with side sheers and lounge chairs, to a fully equipped sea-side oasis complete with exotic fabric for walls, ceiling fans, cushioned seating, mini bars, and its own source of lighting. Elaborate cabana’s such as these have been the envy of the average sun-bather, yet a source of inspiration for the creative DIYer ever since their rise to fame. But unless you are a skilled craftsmen, recreating such a vision can be heavy on the pocket and quite time-consuming.

At J&O/ Summerdale Fabrics, we work with DIYers and those seeking professional craftsmen to help bring such dreams to life daily. From the retired couple looking to spend their remaining years sitting pretty by the poolside and beach-side B&B’s desiring an added touch for visiting guests, to hotel chains in the market for a little decorative revamp on outdated cabana design concepts, our in-house craftsmen and designers are here to assist from concept to completion and every step in between. No job is too big or too small, no design to simple or too complex. With a wide selection of fabric and trim from our extensive inventory of designer textiles to choose from, at J&O / Summerdale Fabrics we offer the convenience of one-stop shopping to meet your cabana project needs and beyond.



Aruba Outdoor Getaway II

SKU: OUT000011

Kaleidoscope Outdoor

SKU: OUT000012


Sada Stitched stripes

SKU: DEC36894



* To set up a consultation appointment with one of our in-house designers, call our Decorating Center @ 1.800.645.5160

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