Candy Fabric to Make Life Sweeter

Sooner or later everyone gets the munchies. Sadly, our first inclination is to indulge our sweet-tooth rather than reach for the celery. If you’ve found yourself staring down a cupcake (or two or three) or otherwise being seduced by sweets we urgently recommend you to take a look at our sweet-tooth fabrics.

With these delicious looking fabrics you will be able to enjoy all of the delicious things you love to eat without worrying about putting on the pounds. Here is some dessert fabrics from our novelty fabric section that we here at J&O Fabric Store have to offer:

Apple Pies Fabric

Box of Chocolates Fabric

Caleb's Tossed Cupcakes Fabric: Cream

Candyland Fabric

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fabric

Cocoa Creme Cookies: Black

Diet Buster Desserts Fabric: Pink

Frosted Donuts Fabric

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