The Vision of Ikat at J&O

Ikat is a unique dyeing technique originating from Indonesia and used to pattern textiles that employ resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric. Once used to symbolize wealth and prestige, the textile is now a popular textile fashion trend with celebrities and hipsters alike thanks to the work of traditional Indian artisans and inspired textile designers like Vision Textiles.

July’s Top 10 Fabric Tips

We have been sharing our Word to the Wise on our facebook page for a while now and have compiled the Top 10 Tips which our fans have found to be the most helpful.  Take a look and if you have any suggestions for new tips, we would love to know!

Tip #1

Hanging Patterns Looking for a better way to store your patterns once released from their confining packages? Try hanging them up in your closet or on a clothing rack. Keeps all the pieces together, prevents wrinkling, and allows for easy access next time you are ready to use!

Top 10 Prints That Spell Out Spring!

The following prints and decorative fabrics are a breath of fresh air for this spring–use them anywhere in your home to experience a vibrant burst of seasonal transition!

10. This denim print is fashionable with just a few spring flowers. The colors are muted enough to blend into many existing decors, making it a cinch to add a pillow or two using this fabulous fabric!

Embroidered Leaves Denim Product ID: den32682

9. Feeling a bit braver with color? Try this lively fabric for instant and outstanding color!

Alban Decorative: Charcoal Product ID: ato000137

Simple Fun: Creating Doll Garments

J&O Beautiful and well done dolls' clothing sourced from

Usually when I tell people that I make doll clothes they are taken aback which is understandable; once you start a project you are excited about it seems that you blink twice and it is already finished. However, even with that factored in you can still have a lot of fun with this craft by using tiny pieces of finer fabric chiffon, organza, and satin to make outfits that you would never wear yourself or would never have the guts to. In short, you can build yourself an imaginary closet using beautiful dress fabrics. Even brocades work beautifully for coats on dolls if you use a small enough pattern! If that is not enough to keep you occupied, there is also the challenging of fitting clothing to different sized dolls.

Good Enough To Eat: Fun Food Fabrics

Food fabrics that make every project sweeter than the next

Select from a buffet of food and dessert fabrics that are certain to make mouthwatering delights for all to enjoy. Whether your topping your canned goods, or draping yourself in an apron of baked goodies, our Food and Dessert Fabrics are the sweetest treat among your fabric collection.

How sweet it is to pick a bundle of peaches, soak them in your sugar syrup, then top them off with our Georgia Peach Fabric.


Create your own jar toppers:

Trim around the edges of the fabric circle with the pinking shears for a pretty edge.

Best Best Fabrics to use for a Wedding Aisle Runner

Making Your Way To The Aisle

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Weddings of course! It is the season to wed, which means now is the time for completing all of your final preparations. Every bride dreams of the moment she walks down the aisle, and what a better way to make the memory last than with a handmade aisle runner.

Best fabrics for an asile runner

Whether you are a bargain bride or the better half without a budget, the elegance of a do-it-yourself runner is within your means. We offer a selection of less-costly cloths, including Ivory Drapery Lining and White Drapery Lining, as well as a lavish selection of fabric, such as Ivory Broadcloth and White Broadcloth, to make your hand crafter runner a reality.

Strike a balance with NFL fabrics

Show Your Support: Strike a balance with NFL fabrics

Rumors are abounding that our favorite football teams may not be playing during the 2011 season. A strike?!? Say it aint so! What will come our Sunday afternoons? What will we chat about around the water cooler without Monday morning quarterbacking?

While we keep our fingers crossed that the strike does not occur, we wont let it keep our team spirit down. Show your support for your favorite team, whether they sit the season out on the bench or are inciting chants from the fans with their team song.

Five easy fabric craft projects that require little, or no sewing.

Say It’s Not Sew:

Project #1: No-Sew Fleece Tie Pillows

An easy pillow made from durable and snuggle fleece so it wont fray at the edges.

Materials Needed:
2 pieces of the fleece fabric 26″ square, each

Cut 2 identical shapes from the fleece. To allow for a 4-inch fringe, be sure to cut the shapes 8 inches larger than you want your finished pillow. For example, a 26″ would yield an 18″ square pillow.

Measure and draw fringe with chalk that’s about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.

It’s A Quilt. It’s A Pillow. No, It’s A Quillow!

How to make a Quillow:

If you have never heard of a Quillow, you are not alone. A combination of a quilt and a pillow is called a Quillow. Attach a pocket to your quilt, fold your quilt within the pocket…and ta-da! You have a Quillow!

Quillows are perfect for a picnic, kids sleepovers or just lounging around on the sofa. Add a strap for easy carrying. A Quillow makes a lovely wedding gift, is perfect for a baby shower and is always suitable for spoiling you and your family. We have the perfect selection of Novelty Fabrics to make your Quillow a winner for any occasion. Choose from our many Pre-Quilted Fabrics for a more classic look. A few suggestions to check out to make your quillow unique: NFL Fabrics, Bird Fabric, Cat Fabrics, Lighthouse Fabric and more fabrics from J&O Fabric store.