Fascinating Fabric: Eco-Friendly Fire Resistant Fabric Coating Developed


Fire is a dangerous necessity. We need it to stay warm in the winter, cook our food, and forge the materials that our buildings are made out of. However, it is a frightening fact of life that when given even the slightest liberty, the element can destroy lives. Scientist Jaime Grunlan, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, has recently developed a way to help those at risk of being burned and drastically reduce fire’s potential effect.
J&O Flame Resistant Fabric

Pre-Holiday Giftcard Special

J&O Holiday Gift Card Special

Every year around the holidays those who run J&O get a little punch drunk with love for their customers. This year, to show just how much we appreciate your business, we are running a gift card special ending December 25. If you buy one $50 gift card you receive another $10 gift card for free. Similarly, if you buy one $100 gift card, you get another $20 gift card for free. Click on the cards below to go to the offer!


J&O Buy A $50 J&O Gift Card Get A $10 Card For Free

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What Santa’s Outfit Is Made Of

J&O Santa Costume

Santa has an iconic look to say the least. He can be recognized all over the world by his characteristic hat, boots, jacket, pants, and of course, his fluffy white beard. This Christmas season we sat down and really thought about what went into putting together that outfit when Mrs. Claus first sewed it hundreds of years ago.

Faux Fur

J&O Pre-Holiday Sale: Snuggies, NFL Remnant Bundles & Notions

J&O Pre-Holiday SaleTis the season to look for sales! I don’t know about you, but my wallet is certainly hurting from buying presents for loved ones over the past month. To help out some of our favorite people this season, we decided that now would be the perfect time to have a 20% off sale on all Snuggies, NFL remnant bundles, and notions.


Family Fabric Crafts: The Felt Storyboard

J&O Fabric Storyboard: Image Source: http://amuslimchildisborn.blogspot.com/2010/05/felt-story-board-camping.htmlCrayons, markers, and even Playdough can get a little messy when little ones are creating their masterpieces. That is why we encourage the use of craft felt fabric for all of our young ones artistic endeavors. Not only can they easily change any detail they want, once the pieces are created you can use them over and over to make new scenes. When pieces are interchangeable there is no end to the potential stories that can be created. That equates to endless hours of fun and ample room for imaginations to leap and bound.

Novelty Fabric for Your Holiday Projects: Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah From J&O Fabric!

Hanukkah is more than just a religious holiday, it is a celebration of tradition, culture, and family. Every year, my parents and I make something to bring to my grandparents’ house for the holidays. We are a very creative family, and one of the things that we like to use most to craft with is fabric! These are J&O’s top three favorite Hanukkah themed fabrics that can be used for your craft project this season.

#1:  Gold Star of David Fabric

Discount Fleece Extravaganza!

Fleece Extravaganza Sale J&O

If you need any fleece for holiday projects, gifts, or just to make something for your home, this is the time to buy some! From now until midnight on December 14th we are offering 20% off of all fleece fabric including Snuggies! Just type in the code FLE2011 when you are checking out to receive the discount. This is the easiest holiday shopping you will do all season. Below we have listed some of our most popular categories and who they are absolutely perfect for on your list.

Novelty Fleece

Perfect For: The kid or the kid at heart

50% Off All Trims, Tassels And Cording OR 10% Off All Novelty Fabric

J&O Trims, Tassels, Cording OR Novelty Fabric Discount

The great thing about shopping J&O Fabric online is all of the options. To give you even even more buying power, from now until Sunday December 11th, you can get 50% off any order of trims, tassels, and cording or you can choose to get 10% off any order of novelty fabric using the code NETFAH50. Both the fabulous accessories and the fabric are perfect for gift giving or decorating your house during this holiday season!


Discount Trims, Tassels, and Cording

J&O Winter Sun Decorative Cording

Novelty Fabric for Your Holiday Projects: Christmas

J&O Christmas Fabric Discount

Celebrate the holidays by shopping our Christmas fabric sale! Check out some of our favorite Christmas novelty fabric to get inspired for this season of giving. Thinking outside the box is important when dressing up your home for the holidays. Anyone can put up a wreath, but it takes a true lover of crafts and sewing to be able to make something unique to spice up a room. We picked out some of our funnest fabric for you to browse through. Enjoy!




15% Discount on NFL Fabric Fleece, Flannel And Snuggies

J&O 15% Off All NFL Fabric

Make the sports fan in your life’s holiday a little brighter with a gift that incorporates our NFL Fabric. From now until December 7th J&O is running a special on all of our NFL fleece, flannel, and Snuggies. Now is your chance to shop and get 15% off your favorite team’s fabric! Check out some of your choices below.