Top 8 Cutest Fabric Coffee Cup Cozies

Fellow stalkers of the popular site “All Women Stalk” may have already seen these adorable cup cozies, but I wanted to share them with the fabric lovers of J&O Fabrics. Below are the top 8 cutest fabric coffee cup cozies found on the site, and each can be easily recreated with your choice of colors and fabrics!

Coffee break has just gone from drab to fab with this arsenal of java jacket ideas! Choose your favorite fabrics from our online selection and make your own set today! Tip: Make some for the ladies at the office to avoid jealous glares.

Top 5 Cute Fabric Ideas from Pinterest This Week

This week’s cutest fabric ideas from Pinterest can be easily recreated with your favorite fabrics from J&O! Pinterest is such an inspiring site and easy way to share crafting ideas.

Fabric Ideas from Pinterest

Organize adorably

Fabric Ideas from Pinterest

This week’s selections include:

  1. Fabric child organizer. Hang one of these handy organizers in the car, by the crib, in the kitchen—anywhere! They can be made with fabrics that coordinate with the intended space for use. Not only does this make tracking baby’s things a cinch, it is a great way to keep clutter at bay while adding some fabric allure to a room!

Tips for Caring for Your Favorite Fabrics

Those who work with fabrics know that much money and time is invested in them. That is why caring for your favorite fabrics is so important in order to keep them looking fantastic long after that final stitch is secured. The following are some tips to caring for certain types of fabrics. If you have some fabric tips and tricks, please share them with your fellow crafters on J&O Fabrics Facebook page!

Caring for fabrics made easy!

Caring for fabrics

The photo above shows people working with silkworms to create fabric

How to Perform a Fabric Burn Test and Understand the Results

Occasionally clients will find some fabrics at special estate sales and other places and ask how to determine the type. It can sometimes be difficult to tell if a fabric is natural or synthetic. The easiest way to determine this is to snip of a tiny piece and perform what is known as a fabric burn test. This should be done by adults and only in a safe area with water.

Fabric Burn Test

Find a mystery fabric? Perform a burn test to determine if it is a natural or synthetic blend! 

Reading the results of a fabric burn test:

Understanding Fabric Grain 101

Fabric grain is a term that refers to the direction in which the threads are arranged in a particular fabric. It will determine how a fabric will react, drape or hang. Understanding fabric grain will help you to ensure your fabric projects are a success!

understanding fabric grain

The types and terms for fabric grains are fairly easy to commit to memory


There are 3 basic types of fabric grain:

  • Crosswise: These threads run perpendicular to the edge of the fabric. This means that as the fabric is being unrolled from a bolt, it is the edge running up and down. These are also known as ‘weft’ threads.

Perks of Buying Fabric Online

There comes a time in the life of every crafter when the curiosity to shop online becomes too difficult to resist. Even if you are accustomed to frequenting your favorite local fabric stores, the lure of online fabric shopping becomes too much. While it can be a bit intimidating at first, once you pick up the basics, it is easier and more affordable to purchase fabrics online from trusted sources that you can use again and again!

Buying Fabric Online

The following tips are intended to help the newbies understand the awesome perks of buying fabric online. It is still fun to physically go to the fabric store sometimes, but these reasons make having both options great.

Guest Post: How to Rescue a Fabric Handbag

The fabulous Laura Orr from ‘The Home that Yard Sales Built’ is the queen of creativity. She lives in the bustling metropolis that is Manhattan Beach and scours the city and surrounding areas ruthlessly– searching for hidden treasures to restore, resell or collect. She also takes extended road trips to gather the rare, the odd and the rescuable. The following tips from Laura show us how to rescue a fabric handbag, like this Coach one she found at…you guessed it—a yard sale!

Rescue a Fabric Handbag

Vintage Fabric Tips and Tricks

Vintage fabrics can come new, boasting an heirloom print. They can also be very old and require special care prior to use! With all of the wonderful vintage fabrics available, adopting the following tips will help with projects as they come along.

Vintage fabric tips

A mist of floral stripe vintage fabric from J&O 

Some vintage fabric tips and tricks include:

  1. Your old (and sometimes very old) stash! We are all guilty of buying and holding onto fabrics. When a fabric has been stored for a long period of time, it can actually disintegrate upon washing. If the fabric seems to be quite fragile, dry clean it rather than risk it.

How to Cut Fabric Flawlessly

Use the following tips to ensure that fabric is cut correctly. These ‘how to cut fabric’ tips are mostly for beginner level crafters, though we can all appreciate a little reminder now and then! While cutting fabric sounds like a no-brainer, you would be surprised how many yards of fabric are ruined during the cutting process.

How to Cut Fabric

Save your fabric stash with these tips on how to cut fabric


Cut fabric smoothly with the following tips:

  • Prewash fabric according to type and instructions. This will ensure that any shrinking will not interfere with the project dimensions!

Tips for Working With Challenging Fabrics

When you are working with challenging fabrics, the following tips and tricks will come in handy! While some fabrics are a cinch, materials like burlap or silk can be a bit more difficult to work with. Taking your time and remembering the following tips will help save you time and money.

Challenging Fabrics

Sewing tips to get the most out of fabrics that are a challenge: