Ask Netfah: When Is White Right?

Dear Netfah,

I was raised in the south where the rule of thumb surrounding the wearing of whites was simply that one should never wear it BEFORE Memorial Day or AFTER Labor Day. Does this rule still apply to the trendy fashionista?

~To White or Not To White, Pennsauken-NJ


Dear To White or Not To White,

Before I answer your question regarding whites, I must first ask if a trendy fashionista is known to obey rules, break rules or simply create rules?

When it comes to the historical wearing of whites between the unofficial mark of summer that runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, traditionalists would probably agree that sticking to that fashion rule of thumb is key,  while the  modern trend setters and millennium generation would see a separation between summer and winter whites, and then follow its dictates with ease. 

Summer whites are those white garments made out of gauze, sheers, eyelet fabrics, lightweight cottons and linens. Winter whites are heavier in weight and often less bright like your thicker cottons, linens, denims and wools to name a few. By considering not just the color, but the weight of the material in question, one can make a strong case for adorning themselves in white any time of year without breaking any fashion rules. 

Fortunately, there are no real fashion police who can arrest you for breaking fashion laws, or bending such rules. Fashion changes all the time, so what was considered a “law” at one time could be outdated today. Traditionalist or fashion rebel – when it comes to white clothing, the choice is yours. Just make sure whatever you’re wearing, your wearing with confidence and ease. There’s nothing more trend setting to a woman (or man) comfortable in their own clothing. 


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