Ask Netfah: Grandmother’s Cording

Dear Netfah,

I am an artist and do-it-your-selfer from the millenial generation who inherited bags of assorted trim and cording from my grandmother who was a seamstress for what seems like FOREVER! One of my past time hobbies is refurbishing and reupholstering antique furnishings into funky works of art. There is a big project I agreed to do for a client of mine that requires corded scarlet trim around the perimeters of her dining room chairs but I am short yardage of the particular color she wants. I do however, have the same exact color in a lipped version.

My question is, if I take the lip off of the cording, will the integrity of it still be maintained when put to use? If not, I will have to change the color scheme and risk disappointing my client who seems set on the scarlet found.

~ Short End of the Cord, B’klyn-NY


Dear Short End of the Cord,

Sounds like your grandma knew just what you needed, a bag with lipped and non-lipped scarlet red cording you can use. The great part is that by removing the lip from the cording, you won’t only NOT loose it’s integrity, but you will make a client seemingly happy too.

The one thing I would caution though is to remove just a portion of lip from the cording first. Since the trim is somewhat old, its condition overall may be compromised. Take a moment to inspect and test before you commit to the job. Much success!

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