Ask Netfah: DIY Pillow Problem Solved

jandofabrics, simply, netfahDear Netfah,

I am teaching my little girls the basics of pillow making but have always struggled myself with stitching an enclosed seam so that the pillow corners will be square and filled out. Any advice?



~Pillow Project Problems, W’Boro-NJ



Dear Pillow Project Problems,

Yours is a familiar dilemma with an easy remedy. With the wrong sides of the pillow cover facing outwards, chalk mark the intersecting seam lines at each corner. Pin the two pieces of the pillow pattern together and stitch as you normally would. When you are about an inch or two of your seam intersection, begin tapering inside the line in a curved fashion.  For a really fat pillow, use a pillow form that is slightly larger than the finished pillow cover or simply stitch wider seams when sewing your pieces together. You can also fill the corners with bits of polyester fiber fill to help plump them out.


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