Absolutely Adorable Snowman Craft—Just Add Fabric!

Check out this adorable approach to a permanent snowman craft (By Linda of CraftaholicsAnonymous)! Just imagine the possibilities and alterations you could add to this easy family craft. It seems that the most important part of this little flurry is the fabric scarf around the neck, so choose a variety of decorative fabrics and make a dozen of these cuties for your friends and family this holiday season!

Snowman craft

Photo by CrafaholicsAnonymous.net–very crafty people!

You will need:
• Wood. Any size you wish! The snowmen in the photographs are 4×6 cut to 6 inches in length and 4×6 cut to 8.5 inches long (The slight difference creates the Mr. & Mrs. Snowman sizes)
• White paint (Spray paint is more fun)
• Paint brush
• Black marker or fun googly eyes
• Glue (Pro-tip: Decopage doubles as a sealer!)
• Glitter. There are different types, try the larger iridescent style for a robust effect.
• Sandpaper
• Fabric, of course!

What to do:
• Begin by sanding the wood smooth
• Now paint until you get a solid white finish
• Allow to dry!
• I recommend using a bit more fabric than shown in the photos, wrapping it around a few times for a fluffy effect.
• Remove scarf and paint entire board with glue, followed by a dusting of glitter to simulate shining snow.
• Again, allow to dry completely.
• Once you know where your scarf will be placed, you are free to add the eyes! You may create any style you please. I would like to see this done with googly eyes!

It is just that simple! Now you are well on your way to creating a warm winter vibe in your home this year!

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Snowman craft

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