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J & O Fabrics is tucked away in a little corner of New Jersey that can hardly be called cosmopolitan. Despite our location, we have achieved much success by going online. This has expanded our presence from a local to an international level.

Therefore, many of our most loyal customers are now from overseas. Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom are some of the places we regularly send fabrics to. Our Canadian customers, in particular, keep us very busy.

If you live in Canada – or any other country for that matter – what reasons do you have to shop with us? Besides the general dearth of good fabric stores, here are a few more reasons:

Customer Service- The people who will be answering your questions have decades of experience working with fabric. So, you can expect clear and friendly answers to your fabric questions.

Also, J & O Fabrics is open 7 days a week, so there is almost always someone on hand to get you an immediate response.

Fabric Selection- We stock all of the major manufacturers of novelty, dress, drapery and upholstery fabrics. For example, from Timeless Treasures alone we carry over 800 novelty cotton prints.

Just in our Novelty Fabric section we have over 1,800 fabrics and we get more in daily. Our Flannel fabric section has 10 categories and over 120 fabrics to choose from. Our Fleece fabric section comprises 70+ fabrics.

Basix Dots: BlackBasix Dots: Black

Batman FlannelBatman Flannel

Oakland Athletics FleeceOakland Athletics Fleece

In the Dress Fabric section you will find over 250 pieces of fabric. We also have over 700 fabrics in our Decorative Fabric section. Our Upholstery Fabric section has over 375 pieces.

Dragonfly Silk BrocadeDragonfly Silk Brocade

Brandy Jacquard Decorative StripeBrandy Jacquard Decorative Stripe

Pastoral Bouquet UpholsteryPastoral Bouquet Upholstery

The Tapestry Fabric section has over 100 different prints. We also have over 20 vinyl fabrics, 50 outdoor fabrics, 50 bark cloths, 50 broadcloth fabrics and 30 satin fabric choices.

Ice Cream Vendor TapestryIce Cream Vendor Tapestry

Fudge Deco VinylFudge Deco Vinyl

Beach Umbrella Outdoor Fabric: TropicalBeach Umbrella Outdoor Fabric: Tropical

Counterpoint Barkcloth: BlueCounterpoint Bark Cloth: Blue

Lavender Broadcloth 60 WideLavender Broadcloth, 60″ Wide

Honey Crepe Back SatinHoney Crepe Back Satin

All in all, we have over 3,650 fabrics listed on our web site, and more are being added every day. With such a selection at the tips of your fingers, why go anywhere else for your fabric?

Fast Shipping – We ship your fabrics out the same day you pay. Even if you live in the Northwest Territories, your fabric will reach you in no time. Plus, on our web site you can select an expedited shipping method if you need to do so. It’s almost like having a fabric store in your own backyard, even if your backyard happens to be in Nunavut.

Interaction – We post various blogs every week in order to let our customers know about us and our fabrics. Some of our blogs highlight the latest fabrics we’ve received, while others focus on the more esoteric areas of our fabric stock. We also post blogs to help you determine which fabrics are best for a given season, and other to offer suggestions on whether certain fabrics are washable. We are also in the midst of a series of sewing blogs, in which one of our employees shares her knowledge of sewing step by step.

Our blogs also offer our customers the opportunity of leaving feedback that can be helpful both to others and to us. This is the ideal forum for you to let us know what fabrics you are looking for. We would also like to hear your comments and suggestions.

From Nova Scotia to British Columbia, our Canadian customers are amongst our most loyal and regular. You can also begin to enjoy the tremendous fabric resources that are J & O Fabrics and jandofabrics.com, regardless of where you live.

If you have enjoyed viewing the aforementioned fabrics and would like to see more of our selection of discount quilting fabrics click on the following link: Novelty Fabric.

# Do you have any pictures showing the great uses you’ve given our fabric? Then please e-mail them to us at info@jandofabrics.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you and might even use your pictures for future blogs or on our website. We reserve the right to utilize the pictures sent without prior notification and in the time and manner that J&O Fabrics deems appropriate.


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