3-Step No-Sew Lion Pillow Tutorial!

This is a quick and fun family fabric craft with just 3 simple steps! While the photo shown below is a lion (Simba) shared by Family Fun Magazine–you may easily alter the pieces to make another animal or even a bright sunflower. Begin by choosing some soft fleece fabric and let the good times roar!

No sew lion pillow

Photograph by Mark Mantegna of Family Fun Magazine

You will need:
• Fleece fabric. Choose red or maroon and yellow or orange for Simba. You will also need brown fleece and white fleece for the facial expressions and eyes.
• Cotton batting or fiberfill stuffing
• Yarn
• Hot glue
•Pencil and scissors

No sew lion pillow

What to do:
1. Cut out circles (Simba in photo is 20”) using the maroon and yellow fleece. You may adjust the diameter to meet your size needs. Stack them on top of one another and cut out fringe all the way around, approximately 2-3 inches deep and 1 inch wide.
2. Next, tie the fringe pieces together all the way around the face, leaving 4 pieces untied to stuff it. Stuff the pillow and finish tying the final four pieces.
3. Draw the shapes for the face onto your felt fabric and cut them out. Use a good fabric adhesive or hot glue to secure them to the face. The yarn is for his whiskers, which you can cut out and glue where you please. Pro-tip: Curl the whiskers for a cutesy effect. If you leave the whiskers to hang freely, it could be a danger to a child if it comes off.

No sew lion pillow

Craft your lion in any shape and size!

That is all, just 3 simple steps to making your Simba! I am curious to see what readers will create with this simple idea, please share with us on J&O Fabrics Facebook page!

No sew lion pillow

The real deal is more complex!

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