2014 Color Trends



Twice a year, color forecasters go into research mode to predict and dictate the palates that the fashion industry and ultimately, we as consumers, will prescribe to for the season ahead.  One of the most respected and established is Pantone. With almost 2,000 colors in their index of tile colors and over 20 years of setting the color standards used worldwide to create a unified communication code for international use, they have become one of the leading global authorities on color.  Once their forecast is set, textile manufactures produce specifically dyed fabrics that designers inturn purchase for their collections. For them, these forecasts are viewed as a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ where those who choose to follow will become part of what ultimately becomes the trend….and what designer wants to be irrelevant?

As 2014 rolls in…freezing temperatures eventually give way to the call for soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful balance. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, world travel, and strong, confident women, designers will use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom. According to Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, when considering the emotional connection between clothes and how they make us feel “ This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium.” Look  for soft sand, paloma and peach pastels paired with calm placid blues, romantic violets, summery hemlocks and sun colored freesa for an au courant look. Cayennes in robust reds and Celosia orange add a spice of life and spontaneity to neutrals, as paloma can be worn alone or combined with any color for sophisticated poise.

At J&O Fabrics we strive to not only offer the widest selection of  top shelf designer dress goods, but to stay abreast of trends in the industry too.  Check out our collection of selected dress goods in color waves reflective of the  season ahead. Then shop to your hearts content!


Sand #cre31846



Placid Blue #mic32110




hemlock #psue00012



violet orchid chf00009



vibrant blue #psue0001






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