10 Reasons Why We LOVE Elephants


Whether you have an affinity for elephants because of the mythologies surrounding them, or simply find fascination with the many cultural symbolism’s that have garnered affiliation, one thing is for certain… no other land mammal is as famous for its gentleness and intelligence than this mighty land mammal. In ode to this magnificent creature of sacred idolization by some and good luck wishes by others, J&O fabrics offers a mix of old and new prints in cotton and tapestry to inspire elephant themed crafts and home textile creations throughout the seasons.  From our vintage Elephants of India and Grant Elephants Tapestry to our recently ordered Novelty Cotton Suzani Elephant Caravan ,  we are sure they will offer a bit of inspiration of your own with your next DIY home accent piece or themed fabric craft creation.

To get things started, here are a few interesting traditions and beliefs from around the world regarding elephants that cause us to love them and might give new meaning to your next creative themed project.


10 Reasons Why We LOVE Elephants


  1.  The Asian elephant appears in various religious traditions and mythologies. They are treated positively and are sometimes revered as deities, often symbolizing strength, wisdom, and royal power. Similarly, the African elephant is seen as the wise chief who impartially settles disputes among the forest creatures in African fable.

  2. Many African cultures revere the African Elephant as a symbol of strength and power. It is also praised for its size, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, and loyalty

  3. In the Hindu religion, Wisdom is represented by the elephant in the form of the deity Ganesh, one of the most popular gods in the religion’s pantheon.

  4. In Japanese Buddhism, their adaptation of Ganesha is known as Kangiten (“Deva of Bliss”), often represented as an elephant-headed male and female pair shown in a standing embrace to represent unity of opposites.

  5. A white elephant is rare and given special significance. It is often considered sacred and symbolizes royalty in Thailand and Burma, where it is also considered a symbol of good luck.

  6. In Islamic tradition, the year 570 is when the Prophet Muhammad was born and is known as the Year of the Elephant.

  7. In Christian symbolism the elephant is an icon of temperance, patience, and chastity.

  8. As a Chinese symbol, the elephant is considered a symbol of: Happiness, Longevity, Good luck.

  9. The elephant as a totem encourages protection, strength and strong bonds with loved ones in our lives.

  10. Many communities it is still considered to be a strong symbol of luck and good fortune and the famous saying goes “keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house so that you can get protection from bad luck and only invite inside the good”.

Having images of elephants throughout your home in the form of tapestries, wall hangings, quilts or even on lamp shades and pillows is said to help invite the good into your home and protects against negativity. Check out some of these additional themed home fashions to add to the inspiration.


elephant themed towels

Trimmed Towels


Throw Pillows


Themed backpack



Elephant Quilt

Handmade Quilts


Ready to start your elephant themed fabric project?

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