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Foam Category Description:
Certain fabric projects can be compared to construction of a building in that, though a building is most easily identified and remembered because of its exterior, the foundation is no less important. The foundation of a fabric project - particularly upholstery - is often foam. So although the shape of the furniture or the look of the fabric are what stand out, lowly foam is equally essential.  Despite being unseen, foam can have a huge impact on your furniture making an everyday chair much more comfortable to use.

Therefore, foam is not something you will want to skimp on. Nevertheless, if you have budget constraints you also need a foam that won't take up the money you set aside for fabrics and other necessary items for your project. That is why J&O carries a variety of foam products to suit your needs.

Our Foam is available in both Standard and Super Firm densities. Some types of the foam we carry can also be purchased by the foot, yard or sheet.

Uses for Foam

When your project calls for foam our Foam will do the trick. This is ideal foam for making furniture seat cushions, pillows, car and motorcycle seats, packaging materials and fabric backing.

How to Clean Your Foam

One solution we have read about involves using a natural solution of lemon juice, baking soda and warm water. A sponge can be used to dampen the foam with the solution. Then remove as much of the moisture by blotting with towels or a wet/dry vacuum. Foam can also be allowed to air dry. This is perhaps the most important step as wet foam can become home to mold.
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