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Organic and Natural Fabrics Category Description:

To a greater extent than ever before companies are making a commitment to become more environmentally friendly. The impact can be felt in a wide range of industries, even the textile industry. That is why Robert Kaufman has introduced its line of greenSTYLE fabrics. According to its web site, greenSTYLE represents "fabric options created from environmentally friendly materials and fabrication methods. These organic, sustainable and natural fabrics are unique and environmentally responsible".

J&O Fabrics is pleased to carry these innovative textiles. The manufacturing process uses low-impact dyes, thus minimizing the amount of waste produced. The greenSTYLE fabrics you will find in this section are only the beginning of what promise to be new horizons in eco-friendly fabrics.

The greenSTYLE line of eco-friendly fabrics uses organic and natural products to produce textiles of the highest quality. Among the innovations for these fabrics are the content. greenSTYLE  incorporates such natural products as bamboo and SeaCell® - a cellulosic fiber with incorporated active substances of seaweed.

Even the 100% cotton fabrics are made in an environmentally conscious way. The Kona® Organic cotton used in some of the fabrics is grown using methods and materials intended to minimize the impact on the environment. The use of pesticides has been reduced and organically based growing systems have been implemented.

Our Organic and Natural Fabrics categories include Panda Poplin, Sea-Tiva, Kona Organic and Bermuda. J&O's Organic and Natural fabrics will help you get your fabrics off to a fantastic and environmentally friendly start.

Are the Organic and Natural Fabrics Washable?

The Organic and Natural Fabrics are machine washable. Nevertheless, the specific care instructions vary from category to category. Some can be machine washed on warm, while others should be set to cold. Bleach should not be used on any of the fabrics and dark colors should always be washed separately.

View the specific fabrics in order to find out the particular care instructions.

Can the Organic and Natural Fabrics be Machine Dried?

The instructions on how to best dry these fabrics also vary from category to category. Some of the fabrics can be tumble dried on low, while others can be dry cleaned. Still others should only be hang-dried.

View the specific fabrics in order to find out the particular care instructions.

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