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Wool and Wool Blends Category Description:
Wool is naturally stain and wrin

Wool is naturally stain and wrinkle resistant. It can absorb up to 40% of it’s weight in moisture without feeling damp. Wool comes in many forms including crepe, challis, flannel, gabardine, merino, melton, jersey and worsted wool suiting.

In addition to our 100% wool fabrics, we also have a nice selection of stylish wool blends. These fashion fabrics are available in both coating and suiting weights. You can also choose between solids and plaids in an extensive array of colors and designs.

Wool Fabric Uses

Our wool fashion fabrics are great for coats, men's and women's suits, dresses, skirts, slacks and blazers depending on the weight of the fabric. Wool and wool blends fabrics can also be used to make bedspreads, couch covers and even pet clothing.

Tips on Preserving Your Wool Fabrics

These are a few tips that we have found useful for preserving wool and wool blends garments:

To remove soil and dust from wool, brush lengthwise with a garment brush. Wool fabrics should be brushed regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust and soil. For more delicate wool fabrics you can use a slightly damp cloth instead of a brush.

In Case of Stains

It is best to treat stains immediately to prevent them from settling in. This can be done by blotting the stain with a clean white cloth. Do not rub the fabric. Stubborn stains will require dry cleaning.

For oil based stains such as makeup, oil or chocolate a stain removal solution may be employed. However, make sure the product you use is suitable for wool and wool blends. Before using any solution try it on an inconspicuous area of the garment.

Remove any stains before pressing the garment as the stains may set with the heat.

Dry Clean Only Wool and Wool Blends

Some wool and wool blend fabrics should be dry cleaned only while others may be hand washed. However, you may be tempted to wash by hand a wool or wool blend that should be dry cleaned. Please remember, though, that dry clean only wools and wool blends are not prepared for the rigors of hand or machine washing and may therefore shrink, fade and loose shape and softness when not laundered properly. When it is recommended that a wool or wool blend fabric be dry cleaned, that is the only cleaning method that should be attempted.

Even if there are no stains to be removed, it is still a good idea to dry clean your wool garments once or twice a year.

Hand Washable Wool and Wool Blends

Wool and wool blend fabrics that can be hand washed also require special care to preserve their quality. To hand wash them, place the fabric in warm water and let it soak for five minutes in a mild detergent. Remember that hot water and bleach should never be used when hand washing wool or wool blend fabrics. Once the fabric has soaked you can use cool water to rinse out the detergent. After it has been rinsed, gently squeeze the item to remove excess water but do not wring the fabric.

Drying Your Wool and Wool Blends

To dry a hand washed wool or wool blend fabric lay it over a towel on a flat surface being careful to preserve the shape of the garment. We recommend that you keep the garment away from the sun and other heat sources while it is drying. Also, do not hang the garment to dry as it may stretch out of shape.

Never put wool or wool blends in the dryer as the heat and friction will cause the fabric to shrink.

Pressing Wool Fabric

Set the iron on the "wool" setting. Make sure the iron has water and is on a steam setting. Never iron wool garments without steam. To avoid shine, press the garment on the inside. If you must press the surface of the fabric use a white handkerchief or cotton cloth. If the wool fabric you are ironing is napped place a piece of terry cloth or of the same fabric on the ironing board to prevent crushing.

How to Store Your Wool Fabrics

When storing a garment made from our wool or wool blends there are some things remember. It is best to dry clean or properly launder wool and wool blend garments before storing them to remove food stains and body oils that attract moths. Dry cleaning also kills moth eggs and larvae that may already be present. You should also brush the garment with a fabric brush prior to storing.

To avoid wrinkling, you can put white tissue paper between layers as you fold your garments. To further protect your wool and wool blends garments, we recommend storing them in sealed bags or containers with tight fitting lids; taking this measure will prevent moths from feasting on your items. Keeping mothballs in proximity to your wool garments will protect them as well.

Taking good care of your wool and wool blends fabrics will ensure their continued comfort, softness, warmth and beauty for years to come.

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