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Denim Fabric Category Description:
Denim decorative fabric will len

The feel of denim evokes to some the image of cowboys in the Wild West. To others denim brings back memories from their coming of age in the 1950's. And yet for some denim represents the working class. No matter what its sight brings up in your mind, there is no doubt that the timeless style of denim and its rugged durability will ensure that it never goes out of style.

We have denim available in a variety of colors, including prints. With these fabrics you can make jackets, jeans and other garments, or accessories such as pocketbooks or purses.

Our denims are ideal for upholstery since they are durable and wear well. Why not try some denim to upholster a couch or sofa? Denim is a great match for den or family room furniture.

Denim decorative fabric will lend a bit of attitude to your home décor. Although denim has been in use for since the 18th century, it wasn't until the 1930's that clothes made from denim became more popular for everyday use.

Then, during the 1950's it came to identify a certain disaffected subculture, typified by the likes of James Dean. Many public schools during this time banned the use of denim jeans, but this only increased their allure. Since then, denim has been experimented with endlessly and yet it never loses its popularity.

We have discount denim fabric available in a variety of colors and prints. With these fabrics you can make jackets, jeans and other garments, or accessories such as pocketbooks or purses. Other uses for denim include draperies, decorative pillows, slipcovers and tablecloths.

Nevertheless, to keep your denim fabrics timeless, it is important to care for them properly.

Washing Tips for Denim

To prevent the colors from bleeding one into the other, it is best to wash your denim separately the first time around. Before washing your denim garments turn them inside out to slow fading. Wash your denim in cold to warm water. Hot water fades colors faster and breaks down fibers more quickly. Avoid detergents containing bleach for the same reasons.

Drying Your Denim Fabrics

To best preserve the color and condition of your denim fabrics, allow them to air dry after washing. If you must machine dry them, use the medium tumble-dry setting. Be aware, however, that machine drying your denim will eventually cause fading and tearing. Remove the garments while still damp and allow them to finish drying flat over a white cotton towel. To iron your denim, use the cotton setting on a warm iron while it is still damp.

Dry cleaning will also help to conserve the original color and condition of your denim garments. Nevertheless, over time dry cleaning may cause cotton to yellow.

Storing Your Denim Fabrics

Avoid storing your denim fabrics in attics or basements; these places tend to be vulnerable to mold, mildew and insects and other threats to your denim. The best location in your home for denim storage is a cool, dry room. If using a closet, make sure there is sufficient air circulation to prevent mold growth.

Denim can be stored in bags of linen, cotton or muslin. Do not use plastic bags, cedar chests or cardboard boxes for storage. Fumes from polyurethane foam, cedar closets and acids in unvarnished wood and cardboard can damage your jeans and other denim fabrics. Acid free tissue paper can also be employed in the storage of denim.

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