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Polar Fleece Fabric Category Description:


According to Greek mythology, Jason and the Argonauts set sail towards the fabled Colchis on an epic journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece. As this story shows, fleece has been valued for many ages by many cultures. So valued in fact, that at times it might seem impossible to find the fleece you want at a price you can afford. Today, fleece is still valued, especially when those winter winds start to blow. At J & O Fabrics, you'll find just what you're looking for. We have printed polar fleece from all the best manufacturers: Fabric Traditions, VIP, Timeless Treasures and Springs. We also have plenty of solid fleeces for whatever project you have in mind.

The term fleece often causes confusion, because it is sometimes used to describe part of the wool of sheep. In the context of a fleece fabric, it refers to a specific polyester fabric with no wool content whatsoever. Polar fleece is the most well known type of fleece, though a number of varieties and names exist (i.e. poly-fleece, winter-fleece, fleece). Fleece is made of a synthetic fiber blend. The fabric is made by taking polyester yarn and twisting it tightly. The resulting fabric is then brushed with rough wire to tighten it and raise the surface a bit, then sheared to even the entire material out. Non-pill fleece doesn't ball up after being washed a few times, making it an easy care fabric.


There are three main weight categories of fleece, offering varying degrees of warmth. Micro-fleeces are the lightest, hundred-weight fleeces are the next weight category, and are about as heavy as an average pair of sweatpants, and medium-weight fleeces are the heaviest. They are ideal for blankets and outwear. Fleece is soft and comfortable, retains heat well, and has an excellent weight-to-insulation ratio, making it light enough for carrying, yet warm enough for cold conditions. The polyester material of fleece helps to pull moisture away and keep you dry at the same time. It also dries quickly and still insulates when wet.

Polar fleece is an excellent fabric for cold climate garments and accessories. Hats, gloves, shirts and jackets are much warmer when made with fleece. Robes and slippers will never felt more comfy cozy and your pillows and throws will keep you as snug as a bug.


Wash & Dry 

Step 1: Machine wash your fleece in cold water on gentle cycle with like colors. Use mild laundry detergent to keep the nape smooth.

Step 2: Machine-dry your fleece at a low temperature, or hang it up to air-dry.

Step 3: Remember that fleece should never be ironed, steamed, pressed or dry     

                cleaned. This may cause melting. Also, avoid using bleach of fabric softener.


Before storing your polar fleece fabrics for an extended period of time, it is important to have them properly laundered to prevent dust, soil and stains from attracting critters. Furthermore, avoid storing your fleeces in attics or basements; these places tend to be vulnerable to mold, mildew, insects and other threats. The best location in your home for polar fleece storage is a cool, dry room. If using a closet, make sure there is sufficient air circulation to prevent mold growth. Always store your fabrics out of direct sunlight.

Your polar fleece can be stored in bags of linen, cotton or muslin. Do not use plastic bags, cedar chests or cardboard boxes for storage. Fumes from polyurethane foam, cedar closets and acids in unvarnished wood and cardboard can damage your fleece fabrics. Acid free tissue paper can also be employed. Folding your fleece is fine since the fibers return to their own shape.


Because fleece fabrics do not unravel, they are one of the few materials that are considered to be “no-sew” fabrics. So for those of you who are crafty, but either don’t like to or don’t know how to sew, this material is a great choice for your creative ideas. Make wonderfully warm throws for friends & family. for those special occasions or just for fun. Select your favorite fleece from J&O, grab a pair of fabric scissors, and make something beautiful.

* The above information is intended to aid our customers in their fabric projects. These suggestions are based on manufacturer's recommendations and customer insights. The above statements are not intended to be understood as unequivocal or applicable to every circumstance. Therefore, J&O Fabrics is not responsible for the results of the implementation of these cleaning methods.


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