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Backyard Wildlife Tapestry

Product ID: tap31641
Backyard Wildlife Tapestry

Width: 54 inches
Background: Tan
Repeat: 13 3/4 H, 14 1/2 V
Order Minimum: 1
Yards Available: 2
Price: $1.99 Per Yard
Order Swatch - $2.00

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Tapestry has a unique allure that isn't captured by any other type of fabric. Tapestries can effortlessly convey a sense of timeless elegance or one of rustic vigor. Among the tapestries which best show off the latter quality is Backyard Wildlife Tapestry. The design shows typical animals of the North American wilderness including bears, eagles, moose, wolves and fish.
Backyard Wildlife Tapestry can be used to make wall hangings, slipcovers, table covers, bedspreads and decorative pillows. It can also be used for general upholstering.
Crafters can use Backyard Wildlife Tapestry to make handbags and other accessories. Backyard Wildlife Tapestry is also suitable for garments such as ladies’ hats and jackets. It can also be used to cover hat boxes, lampshades, photo albums and luggage.
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