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Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White

Product ID: stv0001
Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White

Product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.  Below are new patterns much like the product you were interested in. Thanks for your understanding.
Width: 52 inches
Content: 75% Cotton, 25% Seacell
Background: White
Price: $19.98
Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: Black
Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: Black
Product ID: stv0002
Compare at: $24.00
$19.98 per yard
Estimated Arrival: No ETA
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Our Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White is part of Kaufman's greenSTYLE Collection. greenSTYLE is part of an innovative campaign to bring an environmental consciousness to the fabric industry. Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White is an important part of this initiative as it is natural and eco-friendly. This exclusive organic textile is produced using seaweed derived fibers together with cotton to create an innovative fashion fabric.

Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White introduces a new concept into the textile industry: fabric that not only looks good but is good for you. The innovative structure of this fabric facilitates the exchange of the nutrients naturally found in seaweed. Calcium, magnesium, amino acids and vitamins are released by body moisture when the fabric is worn. Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White is also light, breathable and soft.

Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White is an ideal fashion fabric for shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, Hawaiian shirts, pet clothing, quilts, crafts and many other items. You will enjoy the refreshing look and feel of Sea-Tiva Seacell Fabric: White.