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Green Bay Packers Fleece: Panel

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Green Bay Packers Fleece: Panel

Product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.  Below are new patterns much like the product you were interested in. Thanks for your understanding.
Width: 60 inches
Content: 100% Polyester
Background: Green/Yellow
Price: $10.98
The Packers were founded in 1919

The Packers were founded in 1919 by Earl "Curly" Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun in the small town of Green Bay, Wisconsin. After competing as a semi professional squad for some time, the Packers joined the American Professional Football Association in 1921. The APFA would be the precursor to the modern NFL, although in those days many team played in such quaint sounding places as Pottsville and Frankfort.

Since its early days in the league the Packers franchise has excelled on the field. The Packers currently own 12 league championships, including three Super Bowls. The Packers also own the distinction of being the only team to win three championships in a row, a feat the team accomplished twice (1929-1931, 1965-1967).

The most famous period in Packers history came during the tenure of Vince Lombardi as coach of the team during the 1960s. Lombardi was hired in 1959 and immediately helped the team improve from a 1-1-10 record the previous year to finish 7-5. By the following year, the Packers would play in the NFL Championship game, losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 17-13.

The Packers returned to the title game in 1961 and 1962, each time defeating the New York Giants. The first game was a 37-0 rout, while the second game finished 16-7.

The Packers then won three championships in a row, including the first two Super Bowls. In 1965, the Packers defeated the Cleveland Browns 23-12. The following two seasons the Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL Championship game before meeting and defeating the AFL champion in the Super Bowl. In Super Bowl I, the Packers the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. In Super Bowl II, they defeated the Oakland Raiders 33-14.

The Packers next Super Bowl victory came in 1997, as Bret Favre led the team to a 35-21 victory over the New England Patriots. The Packers returned to the Super Bowl the following season only to fall to John Elway's Denver Broncos 31-24.

NFL Championships, and Championship Game and Super Bowl Appearances:

  1. 1929: Final Record: 12-0-1 (No title game was played at this time)

  2. 1930: Final Record: 10-3-1 (No title game was played at this time)

  3. 1931: Final Record: 12-2-0 (No title game was played at this time)

  4. 1936: Won 21-6 over the Boston Redskins

  5. 1938: Lost 23-17 to the New York Giants

  6. 1939: Won 27-0 over the New York Giants

  7. 1944: Won 14-7 over the New York Giants

  8. 1960: Lost 17-13 to the Philadelphia Eagles

  9. 1961: Won 37-0 over the New York Giants

  10. 1962: Won 16-7 over the New York Giants

  11. 1965: Won 23-12 over the Cleveland Browns

  12. 1967 (Super Bowl I): Won 35-10 over the Kansas City Chiefs

  13. 1968 (II): Won 33-14 over the Oakland Raiders

  14. 1997 (XXXI): Won 35-21 over the New England Patriots

  15. 1998 (XXXII): Lost 31-24 to the Denver Broncos

Hall of Famers:

  1. Herb Adderly, Cornerback (1961-1969)

  2. Tony Canadeo, Running Back (1941-1944; 1947-1952)

  3. Willie Davis, Defensive End (1960-1969)

  4. Len Ford, Defensive End (1958)

  5. Forrest Gregg, Offensive Tackle (1956; 1958-1970)

  6. Ted Hendricks, Linebacker (1974)

  7. Arnie Herber, Quarterback (1930-1940)

  8. Clarke Hinkle, Fullback (1932-1941)

  9. Paul Hornung, Running Back (1956-1962; 1964-1966)

  10. Cal Hubbard, Running Back (1929-1933; 1935)

  11. Don Hutson, Wide Receiver (1935-1945)

  12. Henry Jordan, Linebacker (1959-1969)

  13. Walt Kiesling, Offensive/Defensive Lineman (1935-1936)

  14. Earl "Curly" Lambeau, Coach (1919-1949)

  15. James Lofton, Wide Receiver (1978-1986)

  16. Vince Lombardi, Coach (1959-1967)

  17. Johnny "Blood" McNally, Running Back (1929-1933)

  18. Mike Michalske, Guard (1929-1935; 1937)

  19. Ray Nitschke, Linebacker (1958-1972)

  20. Jim Ringo, Center (1953-1963)

  21. Bart Starr, Quarterback (1956-1971)

  22. Jan Stenerud, Placekicker (1980-1983)

  23. Jim Taylor, Running Back (1958-1966)

  24. Emlen Tunnell, Defensive Back (1959-1961)

  25. Reggie White, Defensive End (1993-1998)

  26. Willie Wood, Safety (1960-1971)

The design of the Green Bay Packers NFL Fleece: Panel is composed of a Packers’ helmet on the yellow half of the fabric with another helmet on the green half. Both helmets are within squares that measure 18 ½” wide by 17 5/8” tall. Each panel measures 60” wide by 27” long.

The Green Bay Packers NFL Fleece: Panel is a great polar fleece fabric to use for quilts, shirts, jackets, coat linings, carrying bags, bed sheets, bedspreads, blankets, pet clothing and more.

Our Green Bay Packers NFL Fleece: Panel is soft, it dries quickly and it still insulates when wet. Since it is also lightweight, you’ll perspire less when active, making this NFL fleece the perfect fabric for winter sports. Hats, gloves, linings, robes and slippers are other ideal uses for the Green Bay Packers NFL Fleece: Panel.