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Chicago Bears Fleece: Embroidered

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Chicago Bears Fleece: Embroidered

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Width: 60 inches
Content: 100% Polyester
Background: Midnight Blue
Repeat: 11 1/2 V
Price: $17.98
The team that today is known as the Chicago Bears was founded in 1919 as a company team called the Decatur Staleys, after company owner A. E. Staley. In 1920, the company brought in George Halas and Dutch Sternaman to run the team. Under the guidance of Halas and Sternaman the Bears would dominate the early years of the league. In 1922, the team's name was changed from the Staleys to the Bears.


The team captured its first title in 1921, but it was during the 1930s and 1940s that the Bears became truly dominant. The Bears won NFL championships in 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943 and 1946. The Bears of the 1940s were led by the greatest quarterback in franchise history: Sid Luckman. From 1939 to 1950, Luckman led the Bears to victory in four out the five championship games the team appeared in, including the famous 73-0 demolishing of the Washington Redskins in the 1940 NFL Championship game.

The Bears experienced a period of decline in the 1950s, but began to rebound by the 1960s, capturing the 1963 NFL Championship  by defeating the New York Giants 14-10. Despite being led by such greats as linebacker Dick Butkus and running back Gale Sayers in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Bears wouldn't appear in another championship game until 1985.

The 1985 edition was anchored by one of the greatest defenses in the history of the league. Led on offense by quarterback Jim McMahon and running back Walter Payton, and on defense by linebackers Mike Singletary and Wilber Marshall, defensive end Richard Dent, and defensive tackles Dan Hampton and William Perry. The season culminated in a 46-10 thrashing of the New England Patriots.

The Bears' NFL League Titles:

  1. 1921: No title game

  2. 1932: Won 9-0 over the Plymouth Spartans

  3. 1933: Won 23-21 over the New York Giants

  4. 1940: Won 73-0 over the Washington Redskins

  5. 1941: Won 37-9 over the New York Giants

  6. 1943: Won 41-21 over the Washington Redskins

  7. 1946: Won 24-14 over the New York Giants

  8. 1963: Won 14-10 over the New York Giants

  9. 1985 (Super Bowl XX): Won 46-10 over the New England Patriots

The Bears' Hall of Famers:

  1. Paddy Driscoll, Quarterback/Head Coach (1920, 1926-1929, As Head Coach: 1956-1957)

  2. Sid Luckman, Quarterback (1939-1950)

  3. Bronko Nagurski, Fullback/Defensive Tackle (1930-1937, 1943)

  4. Mike Singletary, Linebacker (1981-1992)

  5. George McAfee, Running Back/Safety (1940-1941, 1945-1950)

  6. Dick Butkus, Linebacker (1965-1973)

  7. George Halas, Wide Receiver/Defensive End/Head Coach/Owner (1920-1983)

  8. Bill Hewitt, Tight End/Defensive End (1932-1936)

  9. Link Lyman, Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle (1926-1934)

  10. Bill George, Linebacker (1952-1965)

  11. George Trafton, Center/Defensive Tackle (1920-1932)

  12. Clyde "Bulldog" Turner, Center/Linebacker (1940-1952)

  13. Joe Stydahar, Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle (1936-1946)

  14. George Connor, Offensive Tackle/Linebacker (1948-1955)

  15. Ed Healey, Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle (1923-1927)

  16. Harold (Red) Grange, Running Back (1925, 1929-1934)

  17. George Musso, Center/Defensive Tackle (1933-1944)

  18. Stan Jones, Offensive Guard/Defensive Tackle (1954-1965)

  19. George Blanda, Quarterback/Kicker (1949, 1950-1958)

  20. Doug Atkins, Defensive End (1955-1966)

  21. Danny Fortmann, Offensive Guard/Defensive Tackle (1936-1943)

  22. Mike Ditka, Tight End/Head Coach (1961-1966, As Head Coach: 1982-1992)

  23. Walter Payton, Running Back (1975-1987)

  24. Dan Hampton, Defensive End (1979-1990)

  25. Gale Sayers, Running Back (1965-1971)

  26. Jim Finks, General Manager (1974-1982)

  27. Guy Chamberlin, Tight End/Defensive End (1921)

  28. Jimmy Conzelman, Quarterback (1920)

  29. Walt Kiesling, Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman (1934)

  30. Bobby Layne, Quarterback (1948)

  31. Alan Page, Defensive Tackle (1978-1981)

The design of the Chicago Bears NFL Fleece: Embroidered is composed of Chicago’s “Bears” and bear-head logos embroidered in orange into a midnight blue background.

The Chicago Bears NFL Fleece: Embroidered is an excellent fabric for garments and accessories. Hats, gloves, shirts and jackets are much warmer when made with this NFL fleece. You can also make blankets, pillows, bed sheets, robes and slippers with fleece.