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Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Fleece: Allover

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Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Fleece: Allover

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Width: 60 inches
Content: 100% Polyester
Background: Black
Repeat: 19 3/4 H, 13 1/4 V
Price: $10.98
The early history of the Pittsburgh Steelers stands in stark contrast to the success the team eventually achieved. The Steelers first took the field in 1933, but it would take them until 1947 to make their first playoff appearance. The Steelers went another 25 years without a playoff appearance. Nevertheless, the lowest points in franchise history came during the 1943 and 1944 seasons when the Steelers merged first with the Philadelphia Eagles and then with the Chicago Cardinals. This last Card-Pitt team went 0-10, marking the only time that the team finished a season winless.


The Steelers' fortunes finally changed some 36 years after the franchise was founded. In 1969 Chuck Noll was hired as head coach. Noll was a particularly discerning talent evaluator who built the team with great draft picks. Among Knoll's selections were "Mean" Joe Greene in 1969, Terry Bradshaw and Mel Blount in 1970, Jack Ham in 1971, Franco Harris in 1972, and Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, Mike Webster and John Stallworth in 1974. All of these players that Noll drafted went on to have Hall of Fame careers. Noll compiled a record of 209-156-1 as head coach of the Steelers.

When Noll retired after the 1991 season, Bill Cowher was hired as his successor. During his 15 seasons at the helm Cowher was arguably more famous - especially for his trademark scowl - than any of his players. As the face of the franchise, Cowher led the Steelers to the playoffs in 10 of his 15 seasons, including an appearance in Super Bowl XXX, and a win in Super Bowl XL. Cowher posted a 161-99-1 record as head coach of the Steelers.

The Steelers' Super Bowl appearances:

  • 1975 (IX): Won 16-6 over the Minnesota Vikings

  • 1976 (X): Won 21-17 over the Dallas Cowboys

  • 1979 (XII): Won 35-31 over the Dallas Cowboys

  • 1980 (XIV): Won 31-19 over the Los Angeles Rams

  • 1996 (XXX): Lost 27-17 to the Dallas Cowboys

  • 2006 (XL): Won 21-10 over the Seattle Seahawks

Former Steelers in the Hall of Fame:

  1. Bert Bell, Co-owner (1941–1946)

  2. Mel Blount, CB (1970–1983)

  3. Terry Bradshaw, QB (1970–1983)

  4. Len Dawson, QB (1957–1959)

  5. Bill Dudley, RB-DB (1942 and 1945–1946 - missed 1943–1944 due to military service)

  6. "Mean" Joe Greene, DT (1969–1981)

  7. Jack Ham, LB (1971–1982)

  8. Franco Harris, RB (1972–1983)

  9. Bill Hewitt, TE-DE (1943 Steagles)

  10. Cal Hubbard, T-DT (1936)

  11. John Henry Johnson, RB (1960–1965)

  12. Walt Kiesling, G (1937–1939), Head Coach (1939–1944 and 1954–1956)

  13. Jack Lambert, LB (1974–1984)

  14. Bobby Layne, QB (1958–1962)

  15. Johnny McNally (a.k.a. "Johnny Blood"), RB (1934 and 1937–1938)

  16. Marion Motley, RB (1955)

  17. Chuck Noll, Head Coach (1969–1991)

  18. Art Rooney, Founder/Owner (1933–1988)

  19. Dan Rooney, Executive (1955–present), Owner (1988–present)

  20. John Stallworth, WR (1974–1987)

  21. Ernie Stautner, DT (1950–1963)

  22. Lynn Swann, WR (1974–1982)

  23. Mike Webster, C (1974–1988)

The design of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Fleece: Allover is composed of Pittsburgh’s helmets, footballs and the famous logos over a black background.

The Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Fleece: Allover is an excellent fabric for garments and accessories. Hats, gloves, shirts and jackets are much warmer when made with this NFL fleece. You can also make blankets, pillows, bed sheets, robes and slippers with fleece.