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Jetsons' Jet Cars Fabric: Royal

Product ID: hnb0009
Jetsons' Jet Cars Fabric: Royal

Product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.  Below are new patterns much like the product you were interested in. Thanks for your understanding.
Width: 45 inches
Content: 100% Cotton
Background: Royal
Repeat: 17 3/8 H, 6 V
Price: $7.98
The Jetsons
The Jetsons were a staple of children's programming for decades. The cartoon started off as a prime time shows that ran from late 1962 to early 1963. Nevertheless, its greatest popularity came well after its original run. Since then, the Jetsons have been featured in a second show, as well as various movies and in merchandise.

The Jetson family consisted of father George, wife Jane, daughter Judy, son Elroy, dog Astro and automated maid Rosie. Among the other recurring characters were George Jetson's boss Cosmo Spacely, and his boss's main competitor S.K. Cogswell.

The design of Jetsons' Jet Cars Age Fabric: Royal consists of George, Jane, Judy and Elroy Jetson along with Rosie and Astro zipping along in yellow, purple, green and red jet cars over a royal background.

Jetsons' Jet Cars Age Fabric: Royal is a retro novelty fabric that you can use to make blankets, wall hangings, Hawaiian shirts, carrying bags, bed sheets, bedspreads, crafts, pet clothing and more.