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Baby Blue Felt

Product ID: flt00040
Baby Blue Felt Fabric

Width: 72 inches
Content: 100% Acrylic
Background: Baby Blue
Order Minimum: 1
Yards Available: 82 3/4
Price: $6.98 Per Yard
Order Swatch - $2.00

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Versatility is a quality we can appreciate. It's what allows us to adapt and to make changes. What's more versatility can make almost anything even more valuable, from a computer to a fabric.
One fabric that is truly versatile is craft felt. At J&O we have an extensive collection of craft felt fabrics the use of which are limited only by the imagination of the user. One fabric in this collection is Baby Blue Felt Fabric. In addition to the versatility that characterizes felt in general, this particular felt fabric has an enjoyable color.
Our Baby Blue Felt is 100% acrylic and can be used to make costumes, wall-hangings, crafts, banners, or for any other project.
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