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Sand Burlap Fabric

Product ID: bur30673
Sand Burlap Fabric

Product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.  Below are new patterns much like the product you were interested in. Thanks for your understanding.
Width: 40 inches
Background: Sand
Price: $3.98
Some fabrics acquire a certain reputation and have a hard time shaking it. Burlap is certainly one of those fabrics; it has a reputation for being drab and uncomfortable. It may be hard to think of uses for burlap outside of potato sacks.

The misconception of burlap as a rough, primitive fabric could prevent you from discovering the true nature of this versatile deorative and craft fabric. Get to know burlap with our Sand Burlap Fabric. This basic fabric staple  has a sand color.

Sand Burlap Fabric is tough and durable enough for use in construction and crafts. It can also be used as a weed barrier. Sand Burlap Fabric can be used for backing for rugs, wall hangings, upholstery and decorative dollies.

Sand Burlap Fabric can be embroidered with fabric scraps, yarn and other remnants to create wall hangings. It can also be employed with the ends sewn up for a rustic window treatment. Stretched over a frame it can be used as an alternative to canvas for painting.