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Olive Broadcloth

Product ID: bro00079
Olive Broadcloth

Product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.  Below are new patterns much like the product you were interested in. Thanks for your understanding.
Width: 45 inches
Content: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Background: Olive
Price: $2.98
Versatility is a quality that is very valuable when you are dealing with fabric. Certain fabrics fit a certain niche and can't be used for anything else. With Olive Broadcloth, however, you have a very versatile fabric with an almost endless variety of possible uses.

If you love crafts, sewing and quilting, our Olive Broadcloth is an essential fabric for you. This discount poly-cotton fabric is ideal for making aprons, smocks, quilts, bed sheets, backpacks and other similar things. Beautiful garments that can be made from Olive Broadcloth include casual and dress shirts, spring jackets, blouses, skirts and accessories to accompany these things.

Olive Broadcloth can also be used to lend a warm ambience to your decor all year. Try using this discount fabric for lampshades, table covers, pillow covers, draperies and other decorative accents.

Olive Broadcloth is a perma-press fabric that is fully shrunk. This broadcloth fabric is made in China.